August 5, 2022

7 ways to brighten up a dark room

Is there a room in your house that always seems dark no matter how nice it is outside? Sunlight is a natural mood and energy booster. No need to renovate! Here are a few ways to brighten up a dark room.

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How to make a room brighter

Brightening a dark room is a bit of a trick. With a few sleights of hand you can bring in beautiful natural light without tearing into a wall or windowframe.

Here are our 7 favourite ways to light up a dark room.

1. Furniture in pale shades

Smaller sizes and lighter colours are your best choices for furniture. Dark wood armoires and chocolate leather sofas are normally delightful, but in a light-challenged room they won’t be at their best.

Furniture in pale shades

2. White and bright

Say yes to white walls and accessories in lively colours! Acid green cushions or a hot pink throw can jazz up a dark room. Painting the walls white is a budget-friendly way to naturally reflect more light into a dark room.

Lively colours

3. Mirror, mirror

Add a mirror or two, or three! Mirrors are another great way to bring more light into a room. You’d be surprised how effective they can be!

Mirror in kitchen

4. Window area

Pay attention to things that go near the windows. Keep darker-toned objects and furniture away from the windows to help the light shine in.

Window area

5. Window treatments

Opt for sheer white curtains or shades that let the light filter through. Window treatments can make a big difference in a room’s brightness. Deeper tones tend to absorb light, making the room appear darker.

White curtains

6. White carpet or rug

A white floor treatment may seem counter-intuitive, but you’ll get big bang for your buck in terms of added brightness. This simple change can make a huge difference. Dare to go light on the floor!

White carpet

7. Don’t forget the trees!

Simple and effective: lop off a twig or two! If trimming the tree branches near your windows is an option, you could let in far more light.

Tree in front of window

You can let the sun shine into to any room in need of a little light. Try our tips to brighten up dark spaces.

For more tips, check out our article on How to make your rooms brighter.

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