October 24, 2016

8 Good Reasons to Decorate Using Mirrors

Whether it’s in the living room, the bathroom or the front entryway, mirrors are used to enlarge a room, decorate a room, balance a room or provide light. Here are eight good reasons to integrate mirrors in your home’s decor.

1. A mirror to look at yourself

A mirror is primarily used for looking at yourself before heading out the door to ensure that your makeup and clothes look good. In this particular room, one mirror reflects another, adding dimension. We like the round shape of the mirrors and the natural light that accentuates the brightness of this elegant and refined bedroom.

8 Good Reasons to Decorate Using Mirrors - 1

2. A mirror to make a room appear larger

In this baroque-style living room, several contemporary mirrors are being used to visually enlarge the space. The mirrors reflect the floor and the opposite wall, adding depth to the room. We love the aesthetics of this space, particularly the different light fixtures and the yin and yang shaped table.

8 Good Reasons to Decorate Using Mirrors - 2

3. A mirror to capture light

Mirrors reflect light and provide optical effects that spread brightness across a room. Here, mirrors are used to reflect the light of the beautiful chandelier. The full-length mirror helps to make the room appear larger. We love this stylish and modern bathroom with its trendy leather footstool.

8 Good Reasons to Decorate Using Mirrors - 3

4. A mirror to decorate a wall

Among its many functions, mirrors are often used to decorate a room. Because they come in such a wide variety of shapes, sizes and borders, they can be placed in every room of the house. In this mid-modern, mid-rustic room, it fits perfectly and certainly adds character. We particularly like the pearly frame, which provides a refined effect.

8 Good Reasons to Decorate Using Mirrors - 4

5. A mirror to increase depth

A giant mirror placed on the floor and leaning slightly against the wall tends to increase a room’s height and provide added depth. You can choose a mirror that will melt into the background or one that takes centre stage, such as this one. In this corner it shares the intimacy of the dining room and is an integral part of the room’s decor. We like the pattern that is etched into the glass.

8 Good Reasons to Decorate Using Mirrors - 5

6. A mirror to provide balance in a room

A mirror can be used to provide balance. This is the case here, with a large mirror placed behind the headboard of the bed, making it hardly noticeable. It should be noted that mirrors in a bedroom should be arranged according to the rules of feng shui, thereby providing balance. You can make a bedroom appear larger by installing a second mirror – perfect for admiring yourself before you head out the door!

8 Good Reasons to Decorate Using Mirrors - 6

7. A mirror for a trompe-l’œil effect

A mirror can actually be a fascinating object that plays with our visual perception. Here, in a trompe-l’œil effect, we can lose our bearings and wonder where the decorative elements begin and where the room ends. The mirror plays with our senses and provides an almost magical result. In this particular room, it reflects the floor and enhances the brightness of the marble.

8 Good Reasons to Decorate Using Mirrors - 7

8. A mirror to set the stage

A large mirror sitting on the floor certainly enhances a room, but a small mirror that is strategically placed as a decorative item, such as the one in this dining room, can also provide a touch of theatrical elegance. The mirror reflects light which makes the room even brighter. It enlarges the space and hints at an additional opening. We love the mirror’s large wood frame and elegant design. In this particular room, it provides a nice alternative to a painting.

8 Good Reasons to Decorate Using Mirrors - 8


One of this year’s top decorating trends is the use of mirrors. Be sure to incorporate them into your home’s decor!

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