October 8, 2019

Tips for Growing Herbs in Winter

Did you spend the summer maintaining your beautiful garden and giving lots of attention and water to your herbs? Now that cooler days are upon us, you may not yet be ready to say goodbye to your fresh basil and other herbs... But that's fine because many varieties can spend the cold season indoors. Here are some of them.


These plants have life cycles that resemble our seasons. Although they are less prolific in winter, with adequate sunshine, these herbs can grow indoors and you can enjoy them all year round.


Chives are one of the fastest growing and most resistant herbs. They can even survive being outdoors for a few days in freezing temperatures before being brought inside. In the spring, chives will quickly regain their strength outside.

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As long as it's exposed to direct sunlight, thyme will survive the winter indoors in its pot.

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Although it grows like weeds in the summer, mint can also survive indoors during the winter but keep its soil as moist as possible. It won't grow particularly quickly but you can still use it to flavour your water or add to salads!

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Annuals have a life cycle of one year. This means that if you plant seeds in the spring, you can keep them for about 12 months before having to replace them.


Basil must be placed close to a window as it requires direct sunlight and regular watering. Cut its flowers as they appear so that it keeps its strength for growing leaves.

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Its output will be modest, but you can continue to use its leaves in your favourite soups.

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Many other herbs are also easy to grow indoors in the winter: dill, tarragon, bay leaf, marjoram, variegated oregano, savory, sage, etc.

However, be careful before bringing your pots indoors! You don't want to bring in any unwanted roommates. Shower your herbs' foliage with warm water to get rid of small insects before making the transition.

You can now enjoy your fresh herbs all year long!

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