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How can you find a real estate broker?

To find a real estate broker, begin by asking people in your entourage. A recommendation from a family member, friend or neighbour can be very valuable. Also make sure the real estate broker knows the area in which you want to sell or buy a property. Search the Web or consult the directory on Centris.ca.

Why do business with a real estate broker?

By teaming up with a real estate broker, you give yourself the very best chance to make the most important transaction of your life a success. Real estate brokers have the training and exclusive tools to establish the right selling price for a property. They also understand all the necessary forms and legal documents. They provide unmatched visibility by displaying your property on Centris.ca and you will enjoy the protection of the Real Estate Brokerage Act. In addition, they will guide you to the right resources for negotiating your mortgage and assessing your level of debt and your ability to pay.

How can you evaluate a real estate broker?

A good real estate broker must have 10 particular qualities in order to ensure the success of your transaction. He or she must have an excellent knowledge of the market, display technical, legal and professional know-how, be clear in his communications, be transparent, attentive, emotionally intelligent, organized, and offer you support, loyalty, attentiveness and honesty. What's more, a broker will be able to advise you according to your criteria, such as your favourite neighbourhood, access to good schools, public transit, and much more.

What are the duties and obligations of a real estate broker?

The Real Estate Brokerage Act sets the duties and obligations of the broker. By partnering with a broker, you should expect him to respect the duties and obligations of transparency, information and verification, to be loyal and to respect his duty to advise. Finally, he must make himself available to you for visits, appointments or calls.

How is compensation determined?

It is up to each broker to determine the compensation that will be paid to him according to a range of criteria relating to his offer of services. There are many business models on the market so compensation paid can vary. The amount of the compensation agreed with the clients will form part of the brokerage contract.

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