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October 24, 2016

8 Good Reasons to Decorate Using Mirrors

Mirrors can be used in any room of the house – to enlarge a space, to provide light or as a decorative item. Here are 8 reasons to use mirro

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October 20, 2016

Community Profile: An Informative and Exclusive Tool

Before buying a home, you first need to determine where you want to live. That’s when this tool comes in handy!

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October 17, 2016

You’re a Seller? Here’s How a Broker Will Help You

Do you plan on selling your home soon? Here’s an overview of the main tasks that your broker will perform for you.

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October 13, 2016

You’re a Buyer? Here’s How a Broker Will Help You

Do you plan on buying a home soon? Here’s an overview of the main tasks that your broker will perform for you.

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October 11, 2016

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October 6, 2016

Condo Oversupply: The Situation is Improving!

The condominium resale market in the Gatineau, Montréal and Québec City areas was recently analyzed by the QFREB.

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October 3, 2016

Inspiring Tours of Montréal Neighbourhoods

More and more renters are choosing to live in Montréal as home owners.

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September 29, 2016

Real estate… It’s not a kids’ game

Using the services of a real estate broker means stacking the odds in your favour for a successful property transaction.

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September 26, 2016

Why You’d be Crazy Not to Use a Real Estate Broker!

When you use a broker, you are much more likely to have a hassle-free buying or selling experience.

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September 22, 2016 Most-Visited Real Estate Website in Québec

Recent data clearly shows that is the website dedicated exclusively to real estate that was most viewed since August 2015.

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September 19, 2016

Preparing Your Home for Showings

If you’re selling your home, visits by potential buyers are unavoidable. Here’s how to make your home look its best.

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September 15, 2016

The Right Way to Set Up a Kitchen

Working efficiently in the kitchen requires following some basic layout and design rules. Here are some tips on setting up your kitchen.

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September 12, 2016

Decorating and Kids: Make the Right Choices

Here’s an overview of the decorating options that should be avoided if you have young kids, along with some alternate solutions!

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September 8, 2016

Establishing a Fair Price: A Crucial Step

Identifying a fair selling price for your home is essential in order to successfully conclude your transaction.

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September 5, 2016

The Simple Elegance of a White Kitchen

Timeless and bright, a white kitchen is a sure bet. Here are some reasons why a white kitchen will never go out of style.

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September 1, 2016

Tips for a Successful Garage Sale

A garage sale is the perfect way to declutter your home. Here are some tips for making your garage sale a success!

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August 29, 2016

Title Insurance to the Rescue!

Has your notary informed you that the property you want to buy has title problems? Title insurance is a solution.

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August 25, 2016

Before Buying: Define Your Needs

Apart from budget and location, it’s also important to consider the features that you want to have in your new home.

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August 22, 2016

10 Scandinavian Design Ideas

Scandinavian design is characterized by its modern, simple style. Here are 10 original Scandinavian design ideas that are sure to impress.

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August 18, 2016

Get in Shape in Your Home Gym

Setting up a gym in your home makes it easier than ever to keep in shape throughout the year.

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