December 28, 2021

19 easy DIY ideas to get creative with kids

At home, whether it’s the weekend or a holiday, kids need to be kept busy! We can sympathize, so we’ve created a list of easy and great DIY craft ideas for you to choose from. 

All of these crafts can be made simply using recycled or inexpensive materials.


1.  Moving birds. Cardboard, scissors and glue: a lovely little project to get you started!

Moving birds in cardboard

2.  Animal rolls! Keep the cardboard rolls from toilet paper for this and many more animal crafts.

Animal craft with cardboard rolls

3.  Wooden spoons. Bring old wooden spoons back to life. All you need is a bit of paint, then let your imagination run wild!

Painted wooden spoons

4.  Multicoloured butterflies. Do you have empty toilet paper rolls around the house? Your kids can give them wings!

Multicoloured butterflies

5.  Popsicle stick house. What to build: a house, bridge or skyscraper?

Popsicle stick house

6.  Pine cones can be such a hoot. Turn your outdoor adventure into crafts. Turn pretty pine cones into delightful decorations.

Owl with pine cone

7.  Magical bath bombs. Ever tried bath bombs? You can DIY wondrous effervescent bath bombs at home.

Magical bath bombs

8. Kevin! Who doesn’t love adorable Minions? Here are tons of ideas for making your own.

Minions craft ideas

9. Greeting cards. For cards that are right on the money, like for a birthday, here’s a simple craft idea.

Original greeting cards

10. Nature is art. How to paint tree leaves and other easy crafts.

Painted tree leaves

11. Finger puppets. These are adorable and keep the kids occupied on long car rides in the back seat...

Finger puppets

12. Masks. A mask can also be fun! Create festive masks with your child.

Festive masks

13. A step in the right direction. An easy DIY craft idea to surprise and entertain your little ones.

Footprint with paint

14. A cardboard house. Do you often receive parcels in various-sized cardboard boxes? Instead of recycling them, why not turn them into a lovely playhouse for your child or cat?

Cardboard house

15. A ship. This classic craft is made with branches collected during your walk. The perfect way to get your child to take a bath!

Ship with branches

16. Straws. Who wants a pretty colourful necklace made with paper straws?

Necklace made with straws

17. Jellyfish. Cardboard plates, paint and strands of yarn: the result is simply tentacular (pardon the pun).

Jellyfish cardboard plate

18. A dinosaur. A simple construction project that’s as practical as it is fun.

Dinosaur with cardboard rolls

19. Caterpillars. Finish those eggs, the carton has places to be!

Carton caterpillars

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