October 21, 2021

Interior design: Rethinking space

Thinking about redoing your kitchen, dining room or bathroom? Are you full of ideas and inspiration but unable to turn them into reality? An interior design firm may just be the solution for you. What does this involve? Where do you fit into this process?

Sophia Brancoli, founder and interior designer for la brancoli design gives us the lowdown:

What exactly does interior design involve?

People often confuse decoration with interior design, despite the two being vastly different fields. As interior designers, we are qualified to carry out a complete refurbishment of a ground floor, kitchen, bathroom or entire house—basically everything to do with the interior, no holds barred. We are specifically trained to optimize and maximize living spaces. When embarking on a project, we start afresh—we remove everything and then refurbish. It’s a fascinating field and much broader than people’s perceptions of design. Interior design is a turnkey service that includes decoration, which is often the last step in the process. 

What are the main steps of an interior design project?

These are the key steps:

  1. The client contacts us via email or phone.
  2. We hold an initial meeting with the client either by Teams or over the phone and ask questions about the project; we may ask for photos and their ideas so we can build a more complete file.
  3. We study the file and send a service offer to the client outlining the costs to see if they are happy with the budget.
  4. Once the service offer has been accepted, we go on site to take all the necessary measurements, allowing us to meet the client at their premises.
  5. Next, we send them the layout proposals and files, including inspirations and possible materials.
  6. Once our proposals have been accepted, we draw up the plans. These may include a demolition plan, a construction plan including the relocation of electrical wiring and plumbing, the new layout and even elevations.
  7. Work then begins, and we consult architectural engineers and technologists when needed. We also work with general contractors to execute the plans and call on a large network of suppliers for furniture and decor. Naturally, we check site progress regularly.

What are the benefits of using an interior designer?

I would say the biggest benefit would be our network, as we keep up to date with all the latest goings-on and trends. Our job is to always be aware of the latest developments and keep our finger on the pulse of the industry as a whole. We are also here to educate our clients on design and offer guidance. Collaboration with the client is key—we never impose our ideas on a client. So, the major benefits are our overall knowledge and the fact that we specialize in optimizing living spaces. While there’s no doubt the result will be beautiful, its key attributes will be its functionality and durability.

What can clients expect during the process?

Lots of delays, at least this year [laughs]! But you can expect to have plenty of time to decide on what you want. You need to get ahead of the ball to have the time to plan things properly. Sometimes clients are surprised by the deadlines, but they are there for a reason, because there are a large number of people working on the project. You have to be patient to get the desired results, and above all, you have to trust the process. Healthy collaboration between us and our clients is also an important part of the process.

What are the upcoming trends?

There aren’t a lot of new developments or trends this year, but we are seeing an increasing number of people seeking more comfort, especially regarding home offices, for example. People want to be comfortable, so comfort will be the watchword for next year! There is also the Scandinavian Hygge trend, which focuses on well-being at home and also involves more comfortable, cozier materials. This will certainly be a popular trend this year.

Several Quebec companies give you the option of having pieces of furniture custom made. Take your time researching them so you can find the company that’s right for you.

Here are some examples:

La brancoli : https://www.labrancolidesign.com/

Florence M Design : http://florencemdesign.com/

Les Casanières : https://www.lescasanieres.com/

Elyse Mckale Design : https://www.elysemckale.com/

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