November 6, 2019

Want to Save on Your Heating Bill? Of Course You Do!

According to Hydro Quebec, heating accounts for more than 50% of a household's total electricity consumption. This is a direct consequence of our cold Quebec winters, which have a real impact on our annual electricity bill.

However, by adopting a few good habits, it is possible to reduce this expense.

Objective: Zero air leakage

Enemy number one is undoubtedly the cold. It infiltrates every nook and cranny, and drives away the warmth in your home.

Air leaks are usually located around doors and windows, joints and junctions, as well as floors and ceilings.

To find an air leak, slowly move a lit candle near strategic areas and see if the flame flickers. It is also possible to perform this test using a tissue and see if it moves when placed near a high-risk area. Caulk any leaks to reduce energy loss.

Smart thermostats

Equipping your home with smart thermostats makes it possible to obtain a more stable and accurate heating. Replacing bimetallic thermostats with electronic models saves up to 10% on annual heating costs, making this a smart investment.

It is also possible to program these thermostats to lower the temperature by 3°C at night and during the day while you're away. By getting into this habit, you can save another 4% to 5% on your total heating cost.

A few other ideas that pay off…

Did you know that you reduce your annual heating bill by opening your blinds and curtains during the day and closing them in the evening?

Savings can also be made by not placing any furniture in front of a heat source, such as an electric baseboard heater or radiator. The heat will spread more easily, having no obstacles in its way.

If your room has a ceiling fan, set the blades to rotate in winter mode so that warm air flows down from the ceiling to the floor. Knowing that heat rises, this habit ensures a constant return of downward heat.

To feel comfortable and warm at home, turning up the heat is often not the best solution. Instead, put on a big comfy sweater, along with warm socks or slippers, and you'll see that these will go a long way in keeping you toasty warm!

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