March 9, 2023

How to plan a successful kitchen renovation

All homeowners love a good kitchen revamp. It’s a big project, especially cost-wise, with proper planning the key to getting the right results. Before getting started, take the time to figure out what you want, whether it’s feasible, and how to avoid any mistakes along the way! Read on to find out how to plan a successful kitchen renovation.

Draw up a kitchen renovation budget

A project budget is first on your list. Knowing how much you can spend will give you a better idea of what you can actually get done during your renovation. You may realize that you can only afford a small kitchen renovation, such as renovating your kitchen cabinets, or that you have enough for a large-scale project where you can switch out everything.

Decide on your kitchen style

Before calling in a kitchen designer, think hard about what sort of kitchen style you want to recreate. Look for inspiration in showrooms, renovation and decor magazines, and kitchen design websites to find the style that best suits your home and needs.

Consider the set-up of your renovated kitchen

Once you’ve decided on the style of your future kitchen, you need to think about the room’s configuration. You’re going to be living with this new set-up for a long time so think carefully about how to adapt the room to your needs. Decide what you want and need in your kitchen, such as more storage space, larger cooking surfaces, and improved lighting.

Hire a pro

Depending on the extent of your renovation, you may want to hire a kitchen designer or contractor to help you manage the work. Getting at least three different estimates from qualified and competent experts will ensure results that meet your expectations, and you will be better protected if something goes wrong. This is especially important if your kitchen renovation project involves electrical, gas or plumbing work.

Get prepped for your kitchen reno

If you are embarking on a major renovation project, have your contractor install a temporary kitchen, including a work surface, sink, microwave, refrigerator, and cooktop. Store most of your kitchen accessories in another room in the house, keeping only the essentials such as dishes and cutlery, a few pots, and kitchen utensils.

Whether you’re considering renovating a small kitchen or a very large one, having a good plan is key. Get inspired by these tips and make your kitchen renovation a winner!

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