November 1, 2018 Even More Data on Location

Do you want your future neighbourhood to be car friendly? Do you want it to be close to a high school, or coffee shops? Get a clear picture of a property's location by using the Location tool on the website, which was recently improved.

A map now appears next to the location criteria. These criteria provide information about transportation, proximity to services and the features of a neighborhood. Some criteria, such as public transit and schools, are easily identifiable on the map thanks to icons.

In addition, location scores, which measure the availability of these criteria, now indicate a rating out of 10, rather than 5, for increased accuracy. They are displayed from the highest to the lowest, so that you can quickly see the features that are most readily available. You can therefore see if the property is closer to a grocery store or restaurants, for example.

Simply click on the summary sheet of the property that interests you to see the map in the Location section.

Location map

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