December 18, 2017 Unveils Two New TV Commercials

The “Real Estate… It’s Not a Kids’ Game” ad campaign, branded, is back on the airwaves with two new TV ads that highlight the fact that some things, such as real estate transactions, should be entrusted to an expert in order to avoid unfortunate situations.  

The campaign has also been adapted to radio, print and billboard formats, and the ads feature three new taglines: To Buy or Sell Safely, You’ll Never be Left on Your Own and To Avoid Bad Surprises. The goal of the campaign remains the same: to educate consumers about the importance of doing business with a real estate broker for a successful transaction.



Real estate brokers are the best placed professionals to help you achieve your goal of selling or buying a home. Thanks to their expertise, their training and their technology tools, real estate brokers are the perfect expert for accompanying you in the most important transaction of your life.

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You’re a buyer? Here’s how a broker will help you

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