April 26, 2019

Is Your Property for Sale? Share it!

The importance of social media is well established. Centris.ca understands this reality and has the tools you need to easily share your property on social media.

How to share your property

First, go to the Centris.ca page of the property you want to share. In the upper right-hand corner, you will see the available sharing buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.). Click the button of the social media you want to use, and you will be redirected to a publication that is ready to be shared. Go ahead – let us see your property!

Publishing your property on social media not only allows you to share it with the people you know, but it also gives you access to a multitude of people outside your network. Think of your friends who may share your property with their friends, for example.

Sharing tools on social media are a great way to give your property even more visibility, in addition to the visibility provided by your real estate broker and your presence on the most visited real estate website in Quebec.

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