May 11, 2017

New “Location” Tool: For Maximum Information

The website has launched a new tool that will help you find a home that meets your needs. The new “Location” feature, the result of an innovative partnership between Centris® and the local startup company Local Logic, gives the maximum amount of information in order to provide a clear picture of the location of a property listed on

Among other features, this tool provides data about transportation in the neighbourhood. For example, is the property convenient for pedestrians and cyclists? Is public transit easily accessible? Is the neighbourhood car friendly?

Or, perhaps you’re looking for a home near parks and daycare centres. The Location tool will provide you with relevant data that includes indicators relating to the proximity of these services.

Finally, the feature provides information about the neighbourhood’s character. Is it a quiet, vibrant or historic neighbourhood? Does it have a lot of greenery? The Location tool will let you know!

Location Feature -


This feature is available throughout most of Québec. However, additional details are also available for the Montréal, Québec City and Gatineau metropolitan areas, where you can find out which bus routes, metro lines and train lines are near a given property, the amount of time it takes to walk to these services, as well as travel time by car.


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