June 9, 2021

What restaurants and grocery stores are near your future property?

Tempted for a romantic dinner just around the corner? Why not? Working from home and need to grab some lunch from the grocery store? So easy! Are there any restaurants and grocery stores close to the property you’re chasing?

Follow the steps below and see how easy it is to find a property close to these amenities.

Thanks to the “Lifestyle” feature on Centris.ca, you can easily find the property that suits your lifestyle.

Go to the Centris.ca homepage.

You’ll see a blue square with a magnifying glass to the right of the search bar. Click on it. 

This will take you to the page below. In the search bar, enter the city or region of your preference and click the “Lifestyle” tab on the right.

Various icons will appear. Select “Grocery stores” and “Restaurants” under “Access to services.”

Many properties will appear, all with a coloured circle containing a number. This number is the score out of 10 that represents your lifestyle fit. In this case, we selected two “Lifestyle” items: “Grocery stores” and “Restaurants”.

Click on the property that interests you and a detailed description of it will appear.

Scroll down to the location and map of the neighbourhood. The scores of the various “Lifestyle” categories are on the left.

When you click on “Grocery stores,” which has a score of 10 out of 10, you will see a list of general grocery stores nearby with the time it takes to walk to each store from the property. You can view the grocery stores around the selected property on the map.

You can also see specialty grocery stores nearby. Click on “Speciality” and a list will appear with the walking time from the property. 

You can view them on the map and even click on each of them for additional information such as the address and website, which will be displayed on the right. 

Use the “Lifestyle” feature on Centris.ca to find the grocery stores and restaurants near your future property. It makes searching for a property that fits your lifestyle all too easy.

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