August 4, 2016

Create a Welcoming Yard for Birds

Do you enjoy birdwatching and listening to them sing? Here are some tips that will help you attract birds to your yard.

The more vegetation the better

Make sure you have several levels of vegetation on your property. Trees allow birds to perch, while shrubs and bushes allow them to hide, protect themselves and explore. A bare yard is not particularly inviting. Birds enjoy large hedges and deciduous trees, which provide protection and are ideal for building a nest that will fly under the radar of predators.

Create a Welcoming Yard for Birds

Create access to food and water

These tiny creatures will need easy access to drinking water, so a shallow water source is required. A birdbath or even a garbage can lid filled with water will do the trick if your yard does not have a natural water source. As for food, it’s essential that you have plants that produce flowers and seeds, which attract insects that birds can feed on. Of course, you can also put up a bird feeder.

Avoid potential dangers

Domestic cats are among the largest predators of birds in North America. So keep your cat indoors if you want to encourage the presence of birds. Also, avoid touching the birds and their nests, as you are disturbing their natural habitat. After all the effort you put in to attracting them, it’s best to simply watch them from a distance.

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