May 19, 2022

Financial Help to Replace Your Oil-based Heating System

Are you tired of maintaining your old and polluting oil-fired heating system? There are many drawbacks: the price of oil, the smell, the risk of spills and its environmental effects…

If you feel that replacing your old system with an electrical system is expensive and is causing you to hesitate, check out the Québec government’s Chauffez vert program.

Managed by the Ministère de l’Énergie et des Ressources naturelles, the program provides financial assistance to those who replace fossil fueled systems with systems that use electricity or other renewable sources of energy.

Financial assistance varies according to the type of property and the system that is being replaced, but the amounts paid are relatively high. In the most common case of a single-family home where we replace the central oil-based heating system and water heater, the grant would be $1,525, i.e. $1,275 for the central system and $250 for the water heater. A chart showing different scenarios and related amounts is available online.

Unlike other government programs, this is not a tax credit. It is a direct subsidy, paid by cheque. Furthermore, there is no income threshold at which financial assistance is available.

How the program works

To be eligible for this program, there are different conditions that must be met. If you’re having work done under the Rénoclimat program, you could be automatically registered after your initial energy assessment. Otherwise, you can register only for the Chauffez vert program through the program’s website.

Make sure that you comply with the Chauffez vert program’s conditions and requirements before proceeding with the work. Once the work is complete, you may submit your application for financial assistance. You will be asked to provide supporting documents, such as your most recent oil bill and Hydro-Québec bill and the invoices for the purchase and installation of the new system. You will receive your financial assistance within the following weeks.

Most specialized contractors are aware of this program and can guide you in the procedure to follow to ensure that you maximize the financial assistance you receive. Taking this step will not only help the environment, it will help your wallet at the same time!

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