January 31, 2020

Green Tips for the Home

Living in an eco-friendly home is a dream for many people. Their construction takes into account the sun, the prevailing winds and the surrounding vegetation, and they are considered the homes of the future. The market for eco-friendly homes is growing and their resale value is significantly increased if they are certified. 

If you dream of living in one of these homes but can't afford to right away, there are still several things you can do to make your home as environmentally friendly as possible. Every action is a step in the right direction!

Saving energy

In the winter, open the curtains to allow the sun's rays to warm your rooms during the day. When you close them in the late afternoon, they will help keep the heat in. In the summer months, do the opposite: close the curtains during the day in order to keep your rooms cool and reduce air conditioning costs.

As an alternative to the clothes dryer, dry your clothes on a rack in your bedroom or your children's bedrooms. This will save a lot of electricity in addition to adding humidity to the room. Because heating often makes our homes dry in the winter, this added moisture will be much appreciated.

Reusing water

Use water collectors so that you can water your plants with rainwater. Water that is used to cook vegetables can also be used for this purpose, as can leftover water from water bottles.

Respecting the environment

When the time comes to renovate, the choice of materials is essential. Natural renewable materials are preferred, such as wood, hemp and raw earth, a recyclable and non-polluting material. For insulation, sheep's wool, hemp, linen and cellulose wadding are the most effective.

Home-made cleaners are also popular to reduce the amount of chemicals released into the environment. The Internet is full of recipes, so it's a matter of trial and error to find the one that works best for you.

Adding a garden in your yard is also a highly ecological gesture. If space is limited, a wall garden or pots with your favourite vegetables will work perfectly.

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