August 6, 2021

How to keep mosquitoes at bay in an environmentally friendly way?

To make the most of the summer, you need to find ways to keep mosquitoes away. Insect repellent products are available in stores, but they contain chemicals that could harm your health. We have some eco-friendly tips to safely keep those pesky visitors at bay.

Essential oils

Lime, lemongrass, eucalyptus, lavender and yarrow—especially when diffused as essential oils—create odours that activate the nervous system of mosquitoes. They do not like this sudden hyperactivity and prefer to fly elsewhere. However, this solution provides only a few hours’ respite. What’s more, it is not recommended for very young children and pregnant women.

Traditional homemade repellents

Did you know mosquitoes hate the smell of cloves? A handy trick is to cut a fresh lemon in half and pierce both halves with cloves (at least 15). Place the lemon halves in a saucer. You won’t see any mosquitoes or other flying bugs invading the room where you put the saucer. 

Another trick is to fill a small glass with vinegar and place it on a windowsill. Chances are that your unwelcome visitors will prefer to stay outside. Grandmothers in Provence put sprigs of lavender on the bottom of the vinegar glass to give it a nicer smell (it’s just as effective).

Exotic tips

Lemon basil and eucalyptus have been used since ancient times in Europe, Asia and elsewhere to repel mosquitoes. Pour some water into a small bowl and add some of these plants’ leaves. You can now enjoy your meal outside in peace.

If you like the scent of eucalyptus, here’s a recipe with an aroma that you’ll love—and the mosquitoes will hate: boil 300 grams of eucalyptus (leaves) in about a litre of water for 50 minutes. Leave to cool and transfer the infused liquid to a spray bottle. Spray the perfumed water around the edges of your doors and windows and into the most humid rooms of your home such as the bathroom, kitchen and basement.

A few precautionary measures

Here are some more simple, eco-friendly tips that will ward off mosquitoes:

  • In the evenings, opt for yellow-tinted LED bulbs outside or on the veranda. White bulbs attract mosquitoes, moths and the like.
  • Fans are our friends when it comes to keeping mosquitoes away. Mosquitoes are so light that they have trouble flying in the slightest breeze. Because they locate us through the carbon dioxide molecules that we exhale, dispersing these molecules in several directions with a fan makes it hard for mosquitoes to find us.

Now you know how to enjoy a mosquito-free summer inside or out on the patio.

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