May 17, 2021

Inviting wildlife into your yard

Imagine a lush garden with butterflies pollinating flowers, birds flying about and reptiles and amphibians slithering around. Utopia? For sure. By following some handy tips, you can attract wildlife to your yard.

Attracting butterflies, birds, small rodents, insects, amphibians and reptiles to your garden will not only make it beautiful and pleasant. Having a diversity of wildlife can be an ally in the summer.

How to attract wildlife to your yard

To attract wildlife, you will need to make some small adjustments to your property.

  • Stone walls: nooks and crannies attract small animals looking for shelter to get some shade and cool off during the heat of summer.
  • Birdbaths: a quick and easy way to attract birds during the summer.
  • Piles of logs and rocks: perfect shelter for salamanders, snakes and amphibians, provided they are close to water.
  • Watering holes: every animal needs water, be it small rodents, birds or reptiles.
  • Bird feeders: there are different feeders for different species, so it pays to find out more.
  • Plants: great variety is the key to attracting a variety of wildlife.

The key to success

To attract wildlife to your property, you will need to follow three cardinal rules, i.e., food, water and protection.

Food and water are obvious, but protection is also very important. You wouldn't want your neighbour's cat (or your own!) preying on the birds using the feeders. This could turn your garden into a trap for them.

There are two options: either keep the predators at bay or make the bird feeders inaccessible to them.

An environment rife with pesticides can also be a trap.

Even organic pesticides are harmful to the wildlife you want to attract. This is an essential consideration if you want to have a garden filled with butterflies and birds, and above all a peaceful haven for wildlife.

A little secret

One of the secrets to attracting wildlife is diversity: plant perennials, grasses, climbing plants, shrubs, deciduous and coniferous trees and fruit trees. If you want your garden to be a refuge for birds, butterflies and other wonders, you need to have variety.

Birds can nest in shrubs and small rodents can hide in them. Some flowers like Rudbeckia, sunflowers and Echinacea, which are seed species, will provide a significant amount of food. Feeders filled with sweet liquid are one way to attract hummingbirds. Otherwise, plant campanula, daylilies or phlox. They’ll look amazing.

Tip for lazy folks: let some of your grass grow freely, including weeds and wild grasses. Butterflies and bluebirds will be attracted to these areas, creating a beautiful natural zone.

Batman’s pad

One animal that often flies under the radar is the bat. Yet, they are an ally and help eliminate unwanted insects. If you’re looking for a project and you’re a do-it-yourselfer, several bat house models and plans exist.

Summer is coming soon. Hot days too. Get comfortably settled in your oasis and get ready to host all sorts of wildlife

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