October 13, 2022

Planting a tree in front of your house

When you imagine your dream property, what do you see? Many people envision a landscape design featuring shrubbery, perennials and annuals, with mature trees dotting the scene. But what type of tree should grace your front yard? 

If you would like to attract birds, check out our tips and tricks.

Space matters

Before planting a tree, get the specifics on how much space you have to work with. There’s a perfect tree for every size, from a small patch of grass to a wide expanse. Read our article on ideal trees and shrubs for small yards.

Majestic maple

We see them every day: maple trees, symbol of Canada. There are many varieties of maple. You have a broad range to choose from if this one’s your favourite. Here are some interesting varieties:

  • Autumn Blaze (Acer x freemanii): 

This variety can reach 12 m in height and up to 8 m in width. Planting this maple requires a moderately large front yard. This tree’s luscious summer green turns to stunning scarlet in the fall.

  • Acer ginnala Flame: 

At maturity, this tree can reach a height of 4 m and width of 3 m. In limited spaces, this small tree is perfect. Its delicately scented flowers will brighten your day. Its foliage is green in summer and bright red in the fall.

  • Acer rubrum Armstrong:

This tree, with its upward-slanted branches that grow taller (14 m) than wide (6 m), is well suited to smaller spaces. Its summer green foliage turns fiery reddish orange in the fall.

Lilac: the queen of flowering trees

Who among us hasn’t stopped in their tracks to admire a flowering tree, especially lilacs? You’ll love these two lilac varieties:

  • Japanese tree lilac Ivory Silk (Syringa reticulata):

This white lilac variety gives off a lovely fragrance in early July. It can reach a height of 8 m and a width of 4 m at maturity. Its green summer leaves turn yellow in the fall.

  • Common lilac (Syringa vulgaris):

This fragrant variety evokes childhood memories as a sure sign of the end of the school year. It blossoms in June. This lilac can reach a height of 3 m and 2 m wide at maturity.

If you’re a fan of fruit trees, check out our article on how to help them thrive.

Look to the Fall Foliage Map for hints if you’re considering a fall excursion in Quebec to experience the glorious autumn colours.

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