May 5, 2021

12,205 Transactions Concluded in April Across the Province

12,205 transactions concluded in April across the province.Active listings for the province of Quebec dropped by 37 per cent.

According to data compiled by the Quebec Professional Association of Real Estate Brokers (QPAREB), 12,205 transactions were recorded in the province of Quebec in April 2021. Active listings are down 37 per cent from April 2020.

The greatest increase in median prices was 41 per cent for single-family homes, followed closely by an increase of 32 per cent for condominiums, while that of plexes rose by 17 per cent.

Here are the April 2021 median prices for a single-family home in the six CMAs along with the variation from April of last year.

  • Montreal: $500,000 (+39 per cent)
  • Gatineau: $410,450 (+43 per cent)
  • Quebec City: $315,000 (+21 per cent)
  • Sherbrooke: $300,500 (+38 per cent)
  • Saguenay: $209,500 (+31 per cent)
  • Trois-Rivières: $221,000 (+35 per cent)

*Important note: several statistics for April 2020 are not representative due to the exceptional pause in transactional activities and new property listings during this period.  However, April 2020 remains a valid reference in determining variations in median prices and active listings.  Note that April 2019 statistics were used in calculating sales variations.

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