May 7, 2024

6 outdoor renovations to tackle this spring

The arrival of warm weather makes many owners want to spruce up their space and begin renovation projects. Spring is the perfect time to find a contractor or plan out work you’d like to do yourself, especially if you’re a seasoned craftsman! We’ve compiled a list of spring renovation projects for inspiration.

Install new windows to improve energy performance

If your home needs new doors and windows, spring is the perfect time to consider replacing them. How do you know if your windows need to be replaced? There are often clear signs such as doors and windows that don’t open easily, window panes that get fogged up, air leaks and heat loss. On average, doors and windows last 25 to 30 years.

Changing your doors and windows in the spring will improve the energy efficiency of your home, reduce your heating costs by up to 10%, and ensure you stay cool indoors during the summer. No one wants to start replacing windows in the middle of a heat wave!

Change the exterior cladding to enhance your home's appearance

Moderate temperatures in spring and fall make these seasons the most popular for changing exterior cladding. Just like changing doors and windows, changing your exterior cladding can help improve energy efficiency, because most people also improve the insulation at the same time.

Exterior cladding lasts for up to 25 years for aluminum, 30 years for wood fibre, 40 years for vinyl and 75 years for brick (repointing required after 25 years), depending on the quality of the product, weather conditions and proper installation.

Changing exterior cladding doesn’t only improve energy efficiency, it also makes a house look better, which is an important factor when selling a home.

Build a patio or deck to make the most of the coming summer

Building a patio is a great way to get the most out of the summer ahead. With the arrival of sunny days and warm evenings, a tasteful outdoor space is an ideal place to relax, entertain guests or simply enjoy nature!

A treated wood patio lasts about 10 to 15 years, depending on the type of wood and the finishing products. Wood decks require maintenance, so you’ll need to apply a stain annually or use a wood sealer. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance option, consider a composite patio. Composite has a longer lifespan than treated wood and can last up to 25 years.

Fix your driveway

Quebec winters are often hard on driveway asphalt. Freezing and thawing creates cracks in the asphalt and pieces often break off. June is a great time for thinking about repairs or a complete overhaul of your entrance.

You can repair minor cracks yourself using a patching compound available in hardware stores. However, if the damage is significant and the asphalt is more than 15 years old, resurfacing may be required. In the case of major damage, you may need to completely re-do the gravel bed underneath.

Replace the roof to protect your home

The best time to replace your roof is in late spring, early summer or fall, when it isn’t too hot and there’s less chance of heavy rain. Roofers are often booked up months in advance, so spring is a good time to ask around for quotes.

The lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof is usually 20 to 30 years, depending on the quality of the materials. Missing shingles, leaks, moisture stains on interior ceilings and mould may indicate that your roof is in bad shape. Keeping your roof in good condition is essential for protecting your home from bad weather and damage. A damaged roof can result in seepages, leaks and even structural damage.

Improve landscaping

Whether you’re planning major landscaping work or a more modest project, spring is the perfect time to start. If you want professional help, it’s best to book landscaping professionals in the fall. That way they can plan in advance and begin work as soon as spring arrives so your landscaping gets finished on time.

Whether you’re thinking of a swimming pool, fireplace or outdoor kitchen, the backyard is the perfect place to get creative! Who doesn’t want a space where they can entertain family and friends, or just feel like they’re on vacation right in their own backyard?

Tips and tricks
Some work requires building permits, so ask your municipality about applying. Be careful not to confuse a building permit with a licence. As a general rule, you do not need a licence to renovate a single-family home and the associated installations except for electrical work and/or installing a gas line. Visit the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) website to find out what regulations apply to private portions of condos.

Plan out repair work to make the most of your summer

Regardless of the season, it is critical to prioritize work on the building itself. This work is paramount to ensuring the structural integrity of your property and preventing depreciation from major but preventable problems. Spring is also the perfect time to do minor maintenance around the house to keep it in good condition and avoid costly repairs down the road. When you stay on top of home maintenance, you ensure the sustainability and value of your real estate investment for years to come.

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