November 28, 2022

Behind the Scenes of the Real Estate Broker Profession

Being a real estate broker is so much more than just smiling on a sign, it’s having expertise to spare.

A broker is first and foremost a professional who knows the ins and outs of real estate so that they can accompany, advise, and guide their clients, regardless of the number of hours they work. Despite their busy days, they are fully committed to each transaction and have mastered the art of negotiation. Meetings with their clients, property visits, managing legal issues: their daily schedule is full of questions, but above all, it is full of emotions.

Day after day, following the rhythm of their visits, they adapt to the changing realities of the market … and those of their clients. Rising interest rates, multiple offers, seller’s or buyer’s market: they keep a close eye on the latest real estate news! Always on the lookout for the best methods and a touch avant-garde, they stay up to date thanks to the numerous courses they regularly attend. To learn more about market trends, they follow the Quebec Professional Association of Real Estate Brokers’ (QPAREB) monthly and quarterly statistics and listen to the L’immobilier en mouvement podcast .

Whether you’re selling, buying, or renting, a broker is your greatest ally thanks to their network and their knowledge! They know the language of building inspectors, chartered appraisers, and notaries. They know how to avoid risky mistakes and how to be comforting when necessary. Because, beyond the price and the taking of possession, there are also memories and emotions. Some chapters open and others close. There are stories and hopes, but most of all, there are people who are living one of the most important steps of their lives … and a real estate broker understands this.

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