May 11, 2020

Technology tools used during the real estate transaction

What technology tools do real estate brokers use in a transaction when working in a virtual context for the purchase of a property?

In-person property visits are allowed. Open-houses are not recommended.

However, if you wish to do some house-hunting remotely, various technology tools can be used. A real estate broker can answer your questions and will be able to guide you in determining which approach and tools are best suited to your needs for the purchase of your property.

For example, for meetings, videoconferences and virtual visits, several tools and platforms can be used such as Zoom, FaceTime, Google Meet, Facebook Messenger, Teams and Skype. For the signing of documents in a social distancing context, brokers have software (Authentisign) that allows them to affix a legal electronic signature on all documents and forms and control the signing process remotely.

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