September 26, 2016

Why You’d be Crazy Not to Use a Real Estate Broker!

Perhaps you are thinking that since some people sell their property by themselves, it shouldn’t be rocket science. However, real estate is not a kids’ game. Would you feel comfortable selling a condo or income property that requires a lot of renovations? Some transactions are a lot more complex than others!
Why You’d be Crazy Not to Use a Real Estate Broker!

A Broker: Your Best Ally

A real estate broker is the best person to accompany you during the biggest investment of your life. With advanced tools and an extensive understanding of the market, your broker will be able to properly assess the property’s value for a given area: you will then be assured of paying or obtaining a fair price.

Real estate brokers must comply with various measures to ensure your protection. They are required to verify the accuracy of information about the property, accurately draft the many legal documents and recommend qualified experts. In addition, your broker is an intermediary who is not emotionally involved in the transaction. He or she will therefore be an invaluable asset in the negotiating process.

The Illusion of Being Supported Without Having a Broker

In reality, many who try to sell their home by themselves or with the services of a real estate coach eventually turn to an experienced broker. You always have the choice of selling by yourself or with a broker. Just be aware of the risks associated with going it alone in your real estate venture. The support of a call centre or access to a notary is not always sufficient in many cases. The services of a broker who works with you on the ground remain your best assurance to successfully complete your transaction.

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Tips for Choosing Your Real Estate Broker

Four Advantages Only a Real Estate Broker Can Provide

Your Broker, a Gateway to a Network of Specialists

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