May 8, 2017

Latest Technologies in Real Estate

Technologies that seemed futuristic not that long ago are now on our doorstep. Here are three technologies to watch for in the real estate industry.

1.Virtual reality

Virtual environments for the real estate industry are quickly growing in popularity. Virtual reality headsets are starting to make an appearance in a few real estate companies. Virtual reality offers an immersive experience that allows the user to be transported to another place or another universe. When applied to real estate, virtual reality allows a user to see a real estate project that does not yet exist or visit a property that is far away.

Well-known in the real estate industry, the U.S. company Matterport has developed a technology that uses a 3D camera to model a property: a user can then tour the property remotely using a tablet or computer, going from room to room as if they were actually in the home.

Latest Technologies in Real Estate - 1

2. Augmented reality

This technology improves the user experience by superimposing virtual objects (2D, 3D, sounds, videos) onto reality, in real time, enabling the user to obtain additional information about this reality.

Augmented reality as applied to real estate is full of possibilities. For example, an application could provide information about the size of a home, its price, or nearby businesses simply by targeting it with the built-in camera of a smartphone or tablet. This technology is also starting to be used in the development of large-scale real estate projects to see, for example, how it will integrate into an existing environment. Augmented reality can also be useful for positioning furniture in a home’s décor in order to better plan its layout.

Latest Technologies in Real Estate - 2

3. Drones

Drones can be used to highlight – in a truly unique and exceptional way – some of the attractions of a property (architecture, terraces, gardens, neighbourhood, etc.). They offer an aerial view of a property and in some cases, they can also provide spectacular interior shots if the property has a mezzanine or loft area, particularly high ceilings, etc.

While most of the technologies mentioned here are primarily used to market luxury properties, the democratization of these technologies is well underway and more and more real estate brokers will have access to them.

Latest Technologies in Real Estate - 3


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