August 30, 2021

Selling with or without appliances

When selling a home, there are always inclusions and exclusions to be negotiated. The beautiful chandelier in the entrance, the wine cellar, the hot tub... and why not the appliances?

In Quebec, it’s rather unusual to buy a home with the kitchen appliances included. But there are advantages to including the fridge and stove when selling your home.

Selling WITHOUT appliances

It’s the norm in Quebec to take your appliances with you when you move. Selling without appliances has its advantages.

  • As the seller, it means you won’t have to shop for new appliances: you keep your old fridge and stove. That means there are no surprises in store.
  • As for buyers, some may prefer not to use appliances that belonged to the former owners when they move into a new home.

Selling WITH Appliances

If your appliances are used but in working condition, selling them with your home may increase interest from future buyers. There are many expenses involved in buying a property; selling your home with appliances included can therefore add some appeal.

Here are some pros for buyers:

  • The appliances already match the decor. After all, they were probably selected when the kitchen was renovated.
  • Everything works well together, and future buyers are thrilled about things like the built-in fridge (for instance).
  • Buyers will need to bring only their furniture and belongings. As soon as they move in, they can use the appliances that are already installed.
  • It’s much less exhausting to move into a house without bringing the fridge and oven!

And here are some pros for sellers:

  • You want completely new decor in your new home.
  • It can be worth selling your home with appliances if you don’t love the style anymore and you’re ready to buy new ones.
  • You may want to reduce your fridge capacity if the kids have left the family nest.
  • It’s much less exhausting to leave a home without bringing the fridge and oven!

Inclusions and exclusions

Whether you decide to sell with or without appliances, be sure to put the inclusions and exclusions in the listing or sales contract. Anything not permanently attached to the home may or may not be included in the sale of a property.

An interesting fact 

In Quebec, it’s fairly uncommon to buy or sell a house with the fridge and stove included. But in some countries, it’s pretty much the norm. Take our neighbours to the south, for instance. In the United States, buying a home means buying the fridge and oven along with it—and sometimes other appliances as well.

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