April 3, 2017

10 Cozy Dining Rooms

A place to enjoy delicious meals with friends and family, the dining room should be warm and inviting. It can be found in a myriad of styles: classic, country, industrial, contemporary or bistro. Let yourself be inspired by these dining rooms!

1. Modern country style

In this restored farmhouse, the large wood table serves as the centrepiece for the room. Next to the kitchen, it is the ideal spot for guests to relax while the meal is being prepared. A modern touch is achieved with mismatched chairs and some contemporary elements, such as the painting and lamps.

Tip: choose a strategic location for the dining room. If it is near the kitchen, you will avoid you making unnecessary trips back and forth.

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2. Scandinavian accents

Imagine your family meal sitting around this large dining room table. The blond wood and soft shades provide a cozy warm atmosphere. The grey of the chairs adds a touch of chic while the bold carpet energizes the space. We like the way the bench seat harmonizes perfectly with the chairs.

Tip: benches are very trendy and fit into any room of the house. They are available in all styles in various materials such as wood, metal or aluminum.

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3. Bistro style

Like a restaurant, the menu is handwritten on the chalkboard wall. The rectangular table is extendable. The mahogany colour is warm and inviting. The tiled floor and section of a slate wall contribute to feeling of a separate room. We like the blue fabric chairs that brighten up the room as well as the candles enclosed in a cage.

Tip: choose comfortable furniture. Today, the dining room table is multifunctional; it can also be used for office work or a place for children to do their homework.

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4. Kitchen eating area

The choice of having meals in the kitchen is a very functional one. The large wooden table is coordinated with the furniture. Its size makes it easy to move around the kitchen. The painting and clock are original elements that add to the overall look. The subway tile wall plays on an industrial style.

Tip: when choosing a dining table, keep in mind the proportion of the room and how many people you would like the table to seat.

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5. Open spaces

Who has not dreamed of being able to have guests without being cramped for space? In this large room used exclusively for meals, the tone is set with the long glass table. It can easily accommodate ten guests. The woven resin chairs give a warm cozy look to a bright sober room.

Tip: a plant or a fruit basket is enough to decorate and add life to the room.

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6. Beautiful and functional

In this large room, the American-style kitchen opens onto the dining room and is both functional and inviting. The contemporary style of the glass table is enhanced by the blue chairs. The floor unifies the living room, dining room and kitchen to give a feeling of space. The dining room is the centrepiece of this large room.

Tip: round tables encourage conversation and allow everyone to express themselves. With the extension, unexpected guests are easily accommodated.

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7. Modern classic

You prefer a more classic style? Here is a separate room for refined and elegant dining with a beautiful outdoor view. The varnished wood table and chairs create a comfortable atmosphere for up to six people. The carpet defines the space and the chandelier concentrates light on the meal area.

Tip: a dimly lit dining room can make it difficult for your guests to enjoy their meal. Choose your lighting carefully.

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8. Country style

How to modernize a rustic-style room? Here, the dining room is next to the living room. The dining area is defined by the carpet with a colour reminiscent of the table. The wood and metal chairs reinforce the touch of modernity. The idea is to enjoy the fireplace throughout this large room. The wood tones give the room a warm atmosphere.

Tip: for a cozy welcoming atmosphere, choose colours with which you feel most comfortable. Ideally, warm colours such as brown, orange or red are recommended.

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9. Industrial style

To energize this beautiful room, the idea is to create a living space. The airy-looking table with the thin top and metal legs gives it a “floating” look. The light wood chairs reinforce the impression of lightness. A place that is both modern and warm. The racks for the wine bottles add character to the room. We love the suspended lighting that illuminates the dining area and plants.

Tip: use your imagination to add a special touch to your decoration. There is nothing sadder than a meal in a cold austere room.

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10. Clean and simple

Want to enjoy a meal with a view of the lake? A chic contemporary style was achieved with this lovely wood rectangular table. The use of natural materials such as wood or leather gives this room a feeling of comfort. Grey leather chairs are mismatched for contrast and to enhance the tone. The clean straight lines add to the elegance of this minimalist-style room. We love the original baroque chandelier in the minimalist style.

Tip: feel free to add dissimilar elements; they add personality and character.

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Dining rooms to suit your every desire. Indulge yourself and create an inviting place that encourages family and friends to spend time together over a good meal.


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