May 23, 2016

10 Examples of Innovative Living Rooms!

A place to relax, chat and get comfortable, today’s living rooms are warm and welcoming. They can have a variety of colour tones, such as muted, pastel or bold, and a variety of styles, including Scandinavian, exotic, modern and retro. Our choice of living room style often reflects our own personality ... here are a few examples to inspire you!

Under a canopy of natural light, this living room is bright, airy and a great height. We love the simplicity of the contemporary style and the different features that give the room its character. The wood floor adds to the warmth of the room, while the geometric carpet matches the cushions nicely.

Innovative Living Rooms #1


A lot of creativity went into this living room, which nicely combines wood and metal elements. A small, rustic corner bench, along with its cushions, give the room an industrial feel. The old mirror, the hanging lamps and the picture frames further enhance the room’s rustic style.

Innovative Living Rooms #2


This colourful living room has an exotic look, created by combining materials and colours that give the room a warm, cheerful feel. We particularly like the animal skin rugs strewn throughout the room, the patchwork fabrics, as well as the bouquets of flowers. A little extra touch is the picture, which is beautiful in its simplicity.

Innovative Living Rooms #3


Stylish and contemporary, this living room plays on the mixing of white and brown tones. Its simple colour palette inspires comfort, relaxation and coziness around a fireplace. We like the white-washed beams and polished concrete floor.

Innovative Living Rooms #4


This living room has a modern look that plays on its graphic lines. Its warm tones and raw materials create an engaging look. Everything is in its place: picture frames, cushions, candles and decorative objects. The addition of the yellow lamp and cushions inject a splash of brightness.

Innovative Living Rooms #5


The mixture of styles in this living room provide a modern and exotic look, in which we find different items from international travels. There’s also a combination of materials: wood, concrete, fabric and fur. We love how the fireplace anchors the room, providing a cozy effect. The greenery also adds a nice touch.

Innovative Living Rooms #6


This beautiful space features stone walls, a wood floor and ultramarine blue features that give the room a pleasant, airy feeling. In addition, the fireplace adds a touch of warmth to the room.

Innovative Living Rooms #7


This Scandinavian-inspired living room features soft, natural tones. Style elements include the warmth of the wood, the low coffee tables, the picture frames on the wall, the “cocooning” feeling, and the accessories with their clean lines.

Innovative Living Rooms #8


This living room will make you want to travel the world! The inviting and friendly décor features a map of the world as a wall decoration, a leather sofa and an old travel trunk that brings us back to the old days of exploration. Interesting accessories are also tossed in to further highlight the travel theme: a hat, travel guides, and a camera.

Innovative Living Rooms #9


Simplicity, timelessness and elegance can describe this white room. Here, the white tones are elevated by the materials being used: wood, wicker, cotton and wool. We love the relaxed and cozy atmosphere. Black and brown tones enhance the space, while the plant adds a nice touch of vegetation.

Innovative Living Rooms #10


As you can see, living rooms come in many colours and styles. They bring a sense of comfort and warmth in which to relax or receive guests.

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