August 22, 2016

10 Scandinavian Design Ideas

Scandinavian design emerged in the 1930s and is characterized by its modern, simple style that uses natural materials such as wood, wicker and leather. This design style is often associated with white walls, light coloured natural flooring and a touch of pastel shades. It uses geometric shapes and accessories that are recognized for their simplicity and functionality. Here’s an overview.

This room features white walls, soft colours, wooden furniture in a light shade, inviting cushions and a carpet with a geometric pattern... Scandinavian design at its best!

Scandinavian Design Ideas - 1

This warm and inviting space features a simple fireplace that is beautifully highlighted. The touches of raw wood and the white walls that are reminiscent of concrete help to set the tone. We particularly love the warm wood table.

Scandinavian Design Ideas - 2


Light colours dominate this Scandinavian kitchen. In particular, the white brick wall and the suspended lamps make the space warm and welcoming. The simple, muted design elements are elegantly highlighted.

Scandinavian Design Ideas - 3


A classic and inspiring bedroom that features white, wood, as well as shades of beige and blue for the bedspread. We like the carpet that is made of natural materials and the various accessories scattered throughout. The plants are another nice touch!

Scandinavian Design Ideas - 4


This original bathroom plays on the contrast of the lines. It was a bold decision to install this round tub in the attic, along with a minimalist faucet. We love the little wicker baskets that serve as storage bins ... a contemporary but relaxing room.

Scandinavian Design Ideas - 5


Both practical and aesthetic, this minimalist office space contains just the basics for working. The chair is decorated with a thick, furry throw for added comfort, while the carpet adds a touch softness and warmth. We like the bench that’s holding the plant, as well as the woven basket that provides a natural effect.

Scandinavian Design Ideas - 6


A half-rustic, half-modern look for this Nordic kitchen, featuring a beautiful combination of white and dark wood furniture. We love the dishes that serve as a decorative element and the many picture frames that hang on the walls. A bright and friendly atmosphere!

Scandinavian Design Ideas - 7


An elegant butterfly chair is the perfect touch for this relaxing corner of the room. Shades of brown complement the white to provide a warm hue. Minimalist comfort with just the essentials: a table, a lamp and a small bouquet of flowers.

Scandinavian Design Ideas - 8


The marriage of grey and soft pink in this cozy living room make it a nice spot to hang out with friends or family. The carpet on the floor is enhanced by a second, thinner rug. We particularly like the mixed geometric shapes and the position of the tables. A plus: the light bulb that is suspended in its cage.

Scandinavian Design Ideas - 9


A world away, this porch offers the perfect corner for quiet reading or for chatting with friends. There’s an abundance of raw wood, which is reinforced by pristine white. Simply add cushions, throws, and a glass of wine!

Scandinavian Design Ideas - 10


The Scandinavian design style can be used throughout your home or by adding simple touches in certain rooms. You choose!

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