June 2, 2016

12 Inspiring Ideas for a Child’s Bedroom

Dreamed up by parents, loved by kids! Today’s children’s bedrooms can be decorated to reflect virtually any theme imaginable. Some of the more popular ones include pirates, cars, outer space, tree house, etc. There’s something for every age and taste. Here are 12 ideas to inspire you.

Move beyond the typical blue room for boys, and use your imagination to create a pirate theme. The ocean is never far away with all the blue accents and various accessories, such as the telescope, picture frames and lantern-style bedside lamp.

Child’s Bedroom #1


For younger kids, why not create a room that uses soft colors and a “little explorers” theme? The clouds in the sky are sure to bring sweet dreams and peaceful nights. The little four-legged friends also help to comfort baby. We particularly like the beautiful combination of blue and beige. Time to go to sleep!

Child’s Bedroom #2


With all of its odds and ends, this room looks like a repair shop where we find a car, a chair and even a teddy bear. A smock hangs on the wall, along with a school bag and other decorative items. The soft colours blend perfectly with the room’s furniture.

Child’s Bedroom


Bunkbeds in the shape of a cabin are the highlight of this spacious room that also features exposed brick walls. We love the mix of styles and materials that provide a modern yet cozy effect. The low coffee table encourages kids to invite their friends over and doubles as a storage space. Everything pulls together nicely and is cleverly designed!

Child’s Bedroom # 4


This room is a dream for any kid who loves cars or car racing. The bright red car, a tribute to one of the more famous race car brands, is parked in the paddock. The accessories also help recreate the racing theme, such as the toolbox-shaped drawers, the carpet and ramp that looks like a road. Beautiful combination of colours: taupe, red and touches of blue here and there.

Child’s Bedroom #5


A fairy tale theme for a little girl! We’re in a magical forest, where babies have sweet dreams in a tree trunk that serves as a bed. Soft colors and pastel shades provide a calm and peaceful feel. Older kids can open the small door in the tree and hop inside.

Child’s Bedroom #6


Welcome to the jungle in this room adorned with beautiful wood and greenery. It looks very realistic: kids will want to cling to the branches like little monkeys! Kids will also love the ropes and bridge that allow you to move from one part of the room to another.

Child’s Bedroom #7


This all-in-one space has an area for sleeping, playing, working and relaxing. We particularly like the yellow and white colour scheme, which makes the room look large, bright and inviting.

Child’s Bedroom #8


Dive into the ocean in this kids’ bedroom, in which the ceiling fixture looks like the sun lighting up the seabed. We love the shades of blue, the golden carpeting that looks like sand, and the star fish on the ground. Everything is in the decor, there’s no need to embellish it any further. After all, we are at the bottom of the ocean.

Child’s Bedroom #9


How about this princess themed bedroom for a little girl who has always dreamed of living in a castle. We like the pink highlights at the top of the tower and near the window. And to the left of the bed is an adorable mini slide. The dressing table and chair also add an elegant touch to this fairy tale!

Child’s Bedroom #10


Hop on this passenger train heading through the Arizona plains. This bedroom features a train that doubles as a bed, beautiful murals, and train tracks that cross from one side of the room to the other. We love the accessories, including the plant and clock that add a lifelike effect!

Child’s Bedroom #11


A safari adventure awaits this lucky child. The Jeep-like bed is surrounded by greenery and animals of the savanna. A simple and magical place that allows young ones to have sweet dreams in nature, under the protection of the animals.

Child’s Bedroom #12


Themed rooms and innovative decor are a creative way to provide a happy and fun space where kids can grow and dream!

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