April 6, 2023

12 springtime home-maintenance tasks

With the arrival of spring and the warm weather, it's easy to forget that winter has been hard for your home too, and that you have to take care of it.

Snow, ice, frost, and thawing can damage the roof. The chimney may have accumulated soot. The gutters may be clogged.

Like Hercules (or Asterix), you have 12 jobs to complete to properly care for your home in the spring:

1. Clean your gutters. Dead leaves or ice can block the flow of water from  melting snow or rain. Climb a ladder to clean your gutters and make sure they’re still in good condition. Ensure water drains properly.

2. Check the exterior siding. Walk around the house to see if there are any cracks or other damage to the siding. For example, traces of dripping water may indicate the presence of problems that need to be fixed.

3. Check the foundation. If you notice cracks, ask an expert to assess the situation, and plug the gaps. If you see water build-up against your foundation, it is a sign of subsidence or soil settlement. Be sure to correct the situation so that water moves away from your house.

4. Check the seals around the windows. Take a close look at your door and window frames. Are the joints drying? Replace caulking if necessary.You can also take this opportunity to oil the hinges.

5. Inspect the roof. Climb on the roof to check the state of the shingles or use a ladder and binoculars to examine it. Are any shingles raised? Check the condition of the joints around the chimney and vents.
If you’ve noticed abnormal icicle formation on the edge of the roof, this may be a sign that the attic ventilation is inadequate. Take this opportunity to correct the situation with the help of an expert.

6. Turn on your outdoor faucets. Turn on the water supply, then check that the outdoor faucets are still working well and not leaking. Check your garden hoses.

7. Have the chimney swept. If you used it during the winter, it must be cleaned. The chimney sweeper will be able to tell you how frequently you must have your chimney cleaned to stay safe.

8. Check the stairs and balconies. Make sure everything is secure and fix what needs to be fixed. Don't hesitate to plan a coat of paint or varnish during the summer, if necessary.

9. Clean the outside ducts. Clean the filters in the stove hood and the ducts that lead outside, such as the dryer duct.

10. Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. If you haven't done so when we changed the clocks, as recommended by firefighters, it's time to replace your batteries.

11. Inspect your air exchanger and air conditioner. Clean the filters, then have a specialist inspect your air exchanger and air conditioner. This includes ensuring that the gas level in the air conditioner is adequate for optimal operation.

12. Clean up the branches. Pick up fallen branches on your property and make sure none are too close to outdoor electrical wires.

Call in the experts

If the damage you find is minor or superficial, you can probably do the repairs yourself. But don't hesitate to call on professionals if you have doubts about the condition of your home or if you think more extensive work is needed, such as foundation repairs.

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Once you've checked off these 12 springtime tasks, it’s time to sit back and watch the grass grow—until it needs cutting!

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