September 20, 2022

15 ocean-inspired design ideas for a year-round vacation feel

At the end of a vacation, do you ever wish you could take the sea home with you? Here are a few ideas to give your decor that seaside feel.

1. A rush of seaside colours
Water, sand and shells: pick ocean-inspired colours for your walls and accessories.

Blue living room

2. Paddles of every colour
Find old paddles and paint them to suit for a wall decoration that sets the tone!

Paddles on the wall

3. Seahorse handles!
What handle shape would be more perfect than a seahorse shape?

Seahorse handle

4. A sea souvenir pot
Fill a lovely pot with your beach memories and you’re done!

Pot with sea shells

5. A seaside table
All it takes is a splash of paint and length of rope to transform a cable coil into a pretty little table.

Seaside table

You may prefer a more authentic version.
Round table

6. Sailor and siren
DIY? Have a look at this nautical-themed sign for bathroom ideas.

Humoristic bathroom sign

7. The rowboat
An old rowboat easily transforms into versatile piece of furniture for any number of rooms.

Small rowboat

8. Porthole shelving
Who doesn’t enjoy a good hunt for old portholes!

Porthole shelving

9. The paper lighthouse
A fun and decorative solution to an unending problem: where to put all the toilet paper!


10. All aboard! Lunch is served
This idea requires a little more work or help from a cabinetmaker. But for originality, this table is unbeatable!
Boat shaped table

11. Colourful turtles
Where could you hang these pretty sea-coloured turtles? 

Wooden turtles

12. A practical fish
A great DIY idea requiring nothing but a saw and a little paint.

Fish shaped table

13. A beach-style wall
Did you bring home any seashells? With a little rope and beads, you can create a beautiful wall decoration just like this one.

Beach-style wall

14. A touch of the Mediterranean!
A lovely colour choice, hammocks and a few accessories, and there you have it, your own piece of the Mediterranean!

Mediterranean room

15. Don’t forget the anchor!
How could anyone go to sea without an anchor?

Wooden anchor

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