December 23, 2021

19 modern bathroom ideas

Is your bathroom stuck in the 80s? It might be time to consider a renovation. Whether the space is small or large, here are 19 modern bathroom ideas to completely rethink this room and make it a place you can relax.

Modern bathroom1. Use glass

To make your bathroom appear larger, install a glass shower. Transparent walls give the illusion of more space.Use glass

2. Give it some life, with plants

Add some plants to your bathroom; a touch of green can go a long way to make you feel good.

Give it some life, with plants3. Small, modern bathroom

You can make big changes in a small space. Anything is possible!

Small, modern bathroom4. Combine elements

A shower AND bath area? This concept is making its way into small and large bathrooms alike.

Combine elements5. Use patterns

The tiles in a modern bathroom are the perfect material to let your imagination run wild. Dare to try different colours of ceramic tiles to design a pattern.

Use patterns6. Easy storage

In a small (or large) bathroom, storage space is a necessity. Cabinets, shelves or drawers—choose what works best for you.

Easy storage7. White out

If you have a small bathroom, use white for flooring, shower tiles, walls and furniture. You’ll get a bright area that feels more spacious.

White out8. A burst of colour

There’s nothing stopping you from adding a little colour to your modern bathroom. Be bold and add a colourful bathroom vanity.

A burst of colour9. Modern luxury bathroom

Renovate this space to create the luxury you want: marble floors, premium taps, gold accents.

Modern luxury bathroom10. Accent wall

An accent wall in a small bathroom or a large one is the best way to have a unique look at a low cost. Colour or patterns, wallpaper or paint—it’s up to you!Accent wall

11. Let there be light

Lighting is an integral part of designing a modern bathroom. Choose your light fixtures not only for their look but also for their practicality. Make it easier to do your makeup or shave with the right lighting.

Let there be light

12. Combine modern with rustic

Combine these styles to create a unique look. Find an old wooden table and transform it into a vanity.

Combine modern with rustic13. Mirror, mirror

Whether you choose round or square, a nice mirror can make all the difference!

Mirror, mirror

14. Eclectic vibe

Eclectic decor can reflect your personality like nothing else! Don’t be afraid to combine styles, textures and colours!

Eclectic vibe

15. A hair and makeup area?

If you want to, why not?! 

A hair and makeup area16. The importance of hardware

Choosing hardware is an important step: brass, bronze, brushed nickel, chrome, matte black and even white are available to you. Have fun with it!

The importance of hardware

17. Wood

Although wood does not have a good reputation in the bathroom, give it a try!

18. Visit specialty stores

Ask the in-store specialists for advice when you’re renovating your bathroom.

19. Trust your instincts!

Only you know best what style you would like in your modern bathroom. Trust yourself and renovate!

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