March 2, 2022

49 decor ideas for your teen’s bedroom

A teenager’s room should be unique yet functional. Does your teen like to keep up with the trends or do they have their own sense of style? Here is a list of ideas to help you and your teen create the room of their dreams.

Why is a teenager’s room so important to them?

Your teen’s room is more than just a place to sleep, it’s where they spend most of their time: studying, hanging out with friends (in person or online), listening to music or playing their own. That’s why everything from their bedroom’s colour palette to its accessories and furniture should suit their style and preferences (within your budget, of course).

An array of creative teen bedroom decor ideas

Before you get started, take the time to talk to your teen to find out what style they would prefer for their own space. Ideally, their room should have three areas: sleep, leisure and work. To make the process easier, here are some ideas to share with them:

1. An industrial, New York loft-style room

New York

2. A romantic-themed room

Romantic-themed room

3. A boho-inspired bedroom

Boho-inspired bedroom

4. A cozy bedroom with a Scandinavian feel


5. A comic book-themed decor

Comic book-themed decor

6. A globetrotter’s room

Globetrotter's room

7. A room fit for a rock star

Rock star

8. A zen room to chill out

Zen room

9. A folksy teen room

Folksy teen room

10. A vintage-style room


11. A creative room for the budding artist

Bedroom for artist

12. A sleek, design-inspired bedroom

Design bedroom

13. A comedy-themed decor

Humour bedroom

14. An ultra-feminine room

Girly bedroom

15. Black and white simplicity

Black and white bedroom

16. A movie buff’s bedroom

Movie-themed bedroom

17. A nature lover’s paradise

Nature in bedroom

18. Cosmos-inspired decor

Cosmos-inspired bedroom

19. A lounge-style bedroom

Lounge-style bedroom

20. A gamer’s ultimate hideaway

Gamer's bedroom

21. A hipster’s bedroom

Hipster bedroom

22. A sport-themed bedroom

Sport-themed bedroom

23. Cozy, cocoon-inspired decor

Cocoon-inspired bedroom

24. A delicate pastel paradise

Pastel bedroom

25. A graffiti-inspired room

Graffiti bedroom

26. A room honouring our Indigenous peoples 

Amerindian style bedroom

27. A Paris studio-inspired room

Paris studio

28. A desert-inspired decor

Desert themed bedroom

29. A seaside-themed room

Sea themed bedroom

30. A dance lover’s room

Dance themed bedroom

31. A cute room with serious bling

Room with bling

32. A surfer’s dream room

Surf themed bedroom

33. A Brit-inspired bedroom

British style bedroom

34. An eclectic multicoloured room

Multicoloured room

35. A monochromatic room

Monochromatic room

36. A glamorous bedroom

Glamourous bedroom

37. A bedroom for the budding photographer

Photographer bedroom

38. A music-inspired bedroom

Music themed bedroom

39. The exotic destination room (Asia, Africa, Europe, etc.)

Ethnic bedroom

40. A trendy, urban-inspired decor

Urban style bedroom

41. A hippie-chic bedroom

Hippie-chic bedroom

42. California holiday-inspired bedroom

California themed bedroom

43. A science lover’s room

Science bedroom

44. A rustic bedroom

Rustic bedroom

45. A bedroom inspired by oddities

Oddities bedroom

46. A future curator’s room

Bedroom with art

47. A bookworm’s dream bedroom

Librairy bedroom

48. A sleek, contemporary bedroom

Contemporary bedroom

49. A bedroom for the cult movie lover

Movie themed bedroom

Today’s hottest bedroom trends generally go one of two ways: very colourful or black and white (or grey). Bright accessories—bedding, cushions, wall art and even an interesting piece of furniture—are the perfect complements to a more neutral room. And remember to choose lighting that can adapt to all your teen’s activities.

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