November 28, 2017

5 DIY Christmas Decorating Ideas

The holiday season is often an expensive time of year. Here are some do-it-yourself decorating ideas that are easy and that don’t cost a lot.

1. A new look for wreaths

Are you tired of the traditional pine wreath? Here are some refreshing ideas. Make a foliage wreath using a hanger and a few less traditional branches, such as eucalyptus. Add some white flowers and voilà!

Foliage wreath


Gather up some of your holiday cookie cutters for an original and unique creation.

Unique creation


This simple but elegant wreath, made of pine cones, is easy to achieve and will remain trendy year after year.

Elegant wreath made of pine cones

2. Garland

Make your own garland using a variety of different coloured fabrics. A great activity to do with the kids.

Garland of dirrerent coloured fabrics


You can also cut out fun shapes in cardboard and hang them from a festive coloured string or cord.

Garland of cut out fun shapes

3. Mason jars

Mason jars are always a popular item and are a great addition to any holiday table. Carefully add some sugar or coarse salt as a base, then have some fun varying their contents: candles, conifer branches, fruit, etc.

Mason jars


You can also fill your Mason jars with leftover Christmas lights, for a more elegant look.

Mason jars with lefover Christmas lights

4. Personalized Christmas balls

Do you use the same Christmas balls year after year? It's time to get some transparent Christmas balls that you can customize as you please. Why not fill them with colourful feathers, surprises for the kids or even candies to put on the table for your guests?

Christmas balls eith colourful feathers


Christmas balls


Christmas balls

5. Snowflakes

Use coffee stir sticks to make pretty snowflakes that you can hang on the wall. Spray paint them in a golden colour for a nice holiday effect.

Coffee stir sticks snowflakes


These traditional paper-cut snowflakes have a different look here, as they are hung vertically. A simple and pretty decoration that can hang in front of a window.

Paper-cut snowflakes


Happy holidays – and happy decorating!


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