September 22, 2022

5 ways to add colour to your living room

Dark colours are always trendy, but how about adding some life to your living room? Nothing could be easier! Here are 5 suggestions you can use to put some colour into your living room and transform your space from dreary to dreamy!

1. Paint an accent wall

A little paint can work wonders, or almost. Could there be any easier or more cost-effective way to add some sparkle to a dull, lifeless living room? Whether you choose a cool or warm tone, you can dress your living room in style with just a few strokes of the roller.

Blue wall

Orange wall

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2. Coloured furniture, why not?

Colour your furniture: See how a midnight blue or orange sofa energizes your decor.

Blue sofa

Orange sofa

For a more subtle approach, choose an armchair. Though smaller than a sofa, the armchair will definitely become the focal point of your living room. Whatever you choose (green, pink or yellow), just settle back and get comfortable.

Green armchair

Yellow and orange armchairs

3. Accessorize to make your living room your own

Whether it’s brightly coloured cushions, a colourful throw, a stack of books with crisp covers, an original lamp, a variety of vases and accessories, there’s no shortage of ideas to brighten up your living room. And of course, you can always switch things up with the seasons.

Colourful accessories

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4. Use plants to add life

Beautiful green plants add colour to your living room, not just greenery. Despite what you might think, these plants are not green only.

  • There are green and pink
    Green and pink plant
  • Some are light green
    Light green plant
  • Some are green and purple
    Green and purple plant

Welcome some green girls to the living room with these forest friends in colours ranging in a host of shades from light to dark.

5. Don’t forget the floor

Sometimes, our living room decorating efforts forget about the floor. To overlook the floor is to lose a golden opportunity to add texture, patterns and different shades to your decor, and make your living room vibrant and comfortable.

Colourful rug

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