November 13, 2017

7 Tips for Setting Up a Home Office Nook

Have you decided to work at home on occasion, but don’t have a room that can be used as an office? Don’t worry, the solution is to transform a quiet corner of the house. Here are seven tips to set up an office nook.


1. Determine your needs

Before choosing where to install your office, think about how much time you will spend there, the number of people who will use it and the equipment you will need: table, chair, computer, etc. The idea is to create the best possible work environment that is practical, pleasant and comfortable.


2. Choose the spot

Don’t have a room that you can use as an office? Why not make an office in the bedroom, entranceway or living room? You can also make use of the staircase by arranging your work area underneath. Finally, the kitchen can be the perfect place for your computer. While you are working, you can keep an eye on the cooking pots. It is up to you to find the spot that provides the most functionality.


3. Create a zone

To create the sense of a separate work area, paint a section of the wall or cover it with a material such as cork, slate, wood or brick. An area rug will also visually separate the office from the rest of the room. Of course, you can also use a screen or curtain.


4. Choose your desk

Before choosing your desk style, ask yourself the right questions: is the desk an extension of the room? Will it simply be used to deal with some household documents or will it be a real workplace? Will you use a laptop or a desktop and monitor? Don’t forget the printer. What are your storage limitations?


5. Organize

Do you need to organize your workspace? If space is limited, consider using floating desk, which will give it an impression of lightness. Install shelves or cabinets on the wall to save space on the floor. Drawers, boxes or file cabinets can also be used to help store all your documents and office supplies.


6. Customize and Decorate

After your workplace has been set up and the furniture chosen, give your office a personal touch. If you are adding some colour, choose blue or green if you can since they promote concentration. Think about installing a mirror as well since it will make the space feel bigger and brighter. Finally, place one or more plants to bring a touch of nature into your home.


7. Make it comfortable

There is nothing like a comfortable office to improve your efficiency. Take time to think about its layout: how high should the desk be, what kind of chair should you buy, is there room to stretch your legs, etc. Good lighting in the work area is also essential, so make use of natural light as much as possible.


There you go! It’s not really so complicated to create a pleasant, functional work area.


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