February 26, 2018

8 Decorating Ideas to Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Here are eight ways to spruce up an old or tired kitchen.

1. Change the sink

A kitchen sink and faucet contribute to the room’s overall look and feel. If you want to create a retro, bohemian or contemporary style in your kitchen, try changing the sink, the faucet or both.


Source: https://fr.pinterest.com/source/cuisissimo.com/

2. Replace the lights

To change the look of your kitchen, add some new and interesting lighting options, such as a corner lamp, wall sconces, spotlights or simple hanging bulbs.


Source: https://fr.pinterest.com/decoluminaire/

3. Choose expressive flooring

Bring excitement and vitality to your kitchen by changing its flooring. Try playing with contrasting elements, such as bold patterns in a white space or a matte texture in a bright room.

Expressive flooring

Source: https://fr.pinterest.com/archzinefr/

4. Reuse vintage items

Make an ingredients list on a black chalkboard, stack dishes on a ladder or place some plants on a swing. These items fit perfectly into almost any kitchen decor, whether it’s modern, country or bohemian.

Vintage item

Source: https://fr.pinterest.com/archzinefr/

5. Install a glass wall or partition

Glass allows a room to maintain its brightness, while dividing space as needed. With its industrial look, glass is reminiscent of an old workshop and adds an original, eye-catching look in any kitchen.

Glass wall

Source: https://fr.pinterest.com/dessinsdrummond/

6. Replace your backsplash

Why not refresh your kitchen’s style with a new backsplash? Have some fun with an original design, or with an interesting pattern, texture or material. A backsplash provides a unique addition to any kitchen.


Source: https://fr.pinterest.com/source/turbulences-deco.fr

7. Replace cupboard doors and handles

When it comes to your kitchen cupboards, you can paint them, apply an adhesive cover to them, or completely replace them. For a less radical change, you can simply change old knobs for a more modern option in glass, stainless steel or even leather.


Source: https://fr.pinterest.com/source/planete-deco.fr

8. Put out plants

You can place some potted plants on the floor or you can go for a completely different look by hanging them on the wall. Plants in a kitchen help to keep the air clean and add a cheerful note.


Source: https://fr.pinterest.com/servicolor/


By making some simple yet innovative changes, you can essentially create a brand new kitchen!


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