January 8, 2018

8 Storage Ideas for Your Home

To save space in every room of your home, try using smart storage solutions that are adapted to your needs. Here are eight possibilities:

1. Shelves above the doors

This area is often left empty, but can be very valuable. Use it to store books, dishes, clothes, toys, etc. Because these shelves are out of reach for children, they are a good place to store hazardous products or dangerous tools.

Shelves above the doors

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2. Closet doors

There are several options available for hanging all types of accessories. In the bedroom, you can hang purses, scarves or jewelry, while in the kitchen you can hang small shelves that hold spice jars or cutlery. Finally, in the washroom, use the back of the door to hang towels.

Closet doors

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3. Corner storage

Corner storage solutions can be used in virtually any room of your home, whether they are custom made, simple shelving or a specifically designed corner piece. It is a space-saving, practical solution as it allows you to store your belongings while adding a decorative touch to the room.

Corner storage

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4. Under-the-bed storage

There are many convenient and aesthetic storage solutions for under the bed. Choose boxes, bins, baskets or drawers for efficient storage.

Under-the-bed storage

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5. Stylish coffee tables

Some of today’s models come in double levels, with room for magazines, trays for serving drinks, and various other objects. Some have storage options such as drawers or integrated baskets. You can also transform an old trunk or use stacking cubes.

Stylish coffee tables

Source: https://fr.pinterest.com/source/simplyabox.fr/

6. Multifunctional furniture

In your home’s entryway, a bench can double as a place to store shoes. In the bedroom, an ottoman can be used as a stylish storage solution. In the living room, a table with multiple levels can be used for storage and, in the kitchen, a trolley can also double as a counter.

Multifunctional furniture

Source: https://fr.pinterest.com/ellebelgique/

7. Trunk on wheels

A clever and flexible solution, furniture on wheels can be moved around and placed wherever you want. Choose a box or trunk that is easy to move so that cleaning around it is quick and easy.

Trunk on wheels

Source: https://fr.pinterest.com/source/linternaute.com/

8. Hanging storage solutions

Hanging bars, hooks, baskets, boxes or pots is another option to consider. Use them to store accessories, clothes, dishes, bottles or books.

Hangign storage solutions

Source: https://fr.pinterest.com/source/milkdecoration.com/


Save space by trying out innovative storage solutions in every nook and cranny of your home!


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