December 3, 2021

99 Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

Looking to decorate the exterior of your home with originality and flair for Christmas? We’ve handpicked 99 outdoor Christmas decorations ideas to inspire you. Some require a bit of DIY while others simply require installation. 

1.      Elves or Santa Claus? Dress up your cone hedges for a striking effect!

 Elves or Santa Claus?

2.      Bears celebrate Christmas too! Wood, a saw and paint are all you need.

 Polar bears

3.      Wooden candles are just as warm and safer!

 Wooden candles

4.      A rocking chair as the centrepiece of a rustic assembly.

 Rocking chair

5.      Round ornaments and pine branches on the window ledges.

 Round ornaments on the window ledges

6.      Transform one or several Christmas wreaths into a festive installation.

 Festive installation

7.      Use a piece of old fence to make this DIY outdoor Christmas decoration!

 Old fence village

8.      Old snowshoes and a few pinecones and you’re done.


9.      Decorate your columns in snowmen or other seasonal characters.


10.   Santa or Gandalf? Turn a plank into an iconic holiday figure.

 Wooden Santa Claus

11.   Play Santa’s florist with a simple pot, ornaments and branches.

 Santa’s florist

12.   Use a box to create a winter scene.

 Winter scene

13.   It’s crazy how you can use planks to make wooden outdoor Christmas decorations!

 Wooden Christmas tree

14.   Invest in garlands and other outdoor Christmas decorations to welcome visitors with cheer!

 Decorations to welcome visitors

15.   Use your outdoor lights to hang easy DIY Christmas decorations.

 Outdoor lights decorations

16.   Lights in the trees and garlands around the door create a welcoming effect.

 Lights in trees

17.   Instead of throwing away rakes that inevitably break every fall, use them to create an original Christmas tree.


18.   Candles, colours and garlands: your neighbours won’t be able to say you’re not in the holiday spirit!

 Colorful welcome

19.   Use the snow to decorate your yard! 

 Snow and lights

20.   Assemble logs in the shape of a tree.

 Logs in the shape of a tree

21.   Have your summer tires (or old tires) get in on the winter fun!

 Old tires

22.   Use bouquets of branches in pots to create front yard DIY outdoor Christmas decorations.

 Bouquets of branches

23.   Create a colourful signpost for your guests!

 Grinch signpost

24.   Snowmen also need to exercise and have fun!

 Snowmen also need to exercise

25.   A nice big door for a nice big smile.

 Big smile on door

26.   We’re grasping at straws here, but these reindeer don’t seem to mind!


27.   The most direct messages are often the most effective!

 Message on door

28.   Who says your outdoor Christmas decorations can’t be your little oasis of peace?

 Oasis of peace

29.   A wooden pallet returns to its roots to decorate your exterior.

 Green wooden pallet

30.   An icy ladder—even if it doesn’t snow at Christmas!

 Icy ladder

31.   The North Pole: use some LED Christmas lights to make your own.

 North Pole

32.   In the mood to shovel?

 Decorated shovel

33.   Wooden snowflakes are a great, cheap outdoor Christmas decoration.

 Wooden snowflakes

34.   Sometimes it’s easier to use ornaments like this rather than hang them in a tree…

 Ornaments in lanterns

35.   These wooden characters seem to be thinking that the snow is always whiter on the other side of the fence...

 Wooden characters

36.   Do you have exercise balls? Or big, inflatable balloons? Use them to make your own outdoor inflatable Christmas decorations!

 Exercice balls

37.   The gnomes say let us in!


38.   Simple decorations are often the most striking.

 Simple decorations

39.   This outdoor snowman Christmas decoration blends right in!

 Hiding snowman

40.   You can spare a few logs this holiday season. It doesn’t get simpler than these wooden outdoor Christmas decorations—or prettier!

 Usefull logs

41.   More proof that DIY outdoor Christmas decorations don’t need to be complicated or expensive.

 Simple decorations

42.   Did Santa leave the gifts by the door?

 Gifts by the door

43.   Pine cones and some wire or a hanger make for an easy outdoor Christmas decorating idea!

 Wreath with hanger

44.   Who has the most fun, Snoopy or Woodstock? Neither: you’ll be the one having a blast creating this outdoor lighted Christmas decoration.

 Snoopy and Woodstock

45.   Lights, candles and ribbons are all you need to make these homemade outdoor Christmas light decorations or something similar...

 Lights, candles and ribbons

46.   Make a classic Christmas wreath with a few branches and pine cones.

 Classic Christmas wreath

47.   Good thing these sweets are made of wood, otherwise the elf wouldn’t be able to resist these outdoor Christmas lawn decorations!

 Wooden lollipops

48.   Use materials from around the yard to create a natural look.


49.   These decorations are easy to make: just find and cut some planks, decorate them, then wrap them with a ribbon.

 Planks with a ribbon

50.   Go ahead, let your creativity fly!

 Pinecone owl

51.   Old doors that open up to the holiday spirit!

 Old door for a Christmas tree

52.   Another example of how easy it is to give your porch a rustic, festive look.

 Rustic look

53.   This flameless fire is full of warmth.

 Flameless fire

54.   It’s crazy what you can do with some paint and a few minutes of work.

 Painted fence

55.   Christmas bells can be easily made from metal or non-metal buckets and Christmas ornaments.

 Christmas bells

56.   Stars like these are harder to make yourself, but they have a magical effect around the house.

 Illuminated stars

57.   These outdoor Christmas tree decorations are made from bark!

 Tree made from bark

58.   These snowflakes seem to be floating mid-air.


59.   A garland makes a beautifully decorated tree on the side of a building.

 Garland for a tree

60.   It’s hard to resist that smile!

 Snowman with big smile

61.   This outdoor reindeer Christmas decoration may be made of solid wood, but it’ll melt your heart.

 Reindeer decoration

62.   Old skates make a wonderful window hanging.

 Old skates

63.   When Santa’s sleigh isn’t enough, a convoy made of wooden boxes will get the job done.


64.   This wooden outdoor Christmas decoration is made out of expertly lit logs.

 Expertly lit logs

65.   These elves are ready for some mischief!

 Elves ready for some mischief

66.   A mitten, two balls and a few branches make an easy outdoor Christmas decorating idea.

 Mitten decoration

67.   It takes little effort to decorate outdoor lamps.

 Outdoor lamps with greenery

68.   Old skis are the centrepiece of this winter installation.

 Old skis

69.   A simple ribbon turns a door into a gift.

 Turning a door into a gift

70.   This wooden outdoor Christmas decoration adds some winter cheer.


71.   Painted wooden planks can be repurposed into a Christmas tree.

 Rustic tree

72.   With a little camouflage, a tire becomes an ornament!

 Tire as ornament

73.   Painted boards and logs steal the show.

 Creative tree

74.   Make your own nutcrackers.


75.   A little royal flair for your front entrance.

 Royal flair

76.   An old sleigh can slay your porch.

 Old sleigh

77.   Add lighting under your decorations.

 Lighting under the decorations

78.   Got some antlers lying around? Here’s a good way to finally put them to use!


79.   Welcome from Santa

 Welcome from Santa

80.   Sometimes, a homemade outdoor Christmas light decoration on your tree is all you need.

 Outdoor lights

81.   Light up wooden structures for a magical effect.

 Light deer

82.   A tunnel to guide your guests to the party.


83.   Have you considered using monochrome lighting?

Blue Christmas tree

84.   Outdoor Christmas lawn decorations, decorated to your taste.

 Wooden ornaments

85.   A giant gingerbread man makes for a unique outdoor Christmas lawn decoration.

 Gingerbread man

86.   Decorating your shrubbery in different colours is so magical!

 Shrubbery in different colours

87.   A simple frame can do the trick.

Simple frame

88.   Have you considered using chicken wire to create structures that you can then decorate?

Chicken wire decorations

89.   Plastic bottles in different colours may not be the most stylish outdoor Christmas tree decoration, but they win the award for originality.

Plastic bottles tres

90.   A ladder can also be dressed in ornaments!


91.   A variation on the theme of melted snowmen.

Melted snowman

92.   Pine cones transform into a beautiful tree.

Pine cones into a tree

93.   Jute of any colour can be used to make beautiful DIY outdoor Christmas decorations.

Jute tree

94.   Don’t forget to decorate your mailbox, if you have one by the road.


95.   Why settle for one wreath when you can hang several?

Several wreaths

96.   Wreaths made of old ornaments are a fun outdoor Christmas decoration idea!

Wreaths made of ornaments

97.   If the front door isn’t a large enough gift, why not use the garage door? Perfect if you’re giving a car!

Gift with garage door

98.   Why stop there? Go ahead and wrap your entire home in a huge ribbon!

Wrapping house in a huge ribbon

99.   And if these outdoor Christmas decoration ideas are a little too extravagant for you, remember that all it takes is a few well-chosen items to create a joyful holiday atmosphere!

A few well-chosen items

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