February 29, 2016

Chalkboard Paint is In!

Here are some decorating ideas that will transform any commonplace surface into a practical, eye-catching surface.

Decorative moulding

Instead of traditional middle-of-the-wall moulding, opt for a band where children and adults can indulge in drawings and sweet messages to their heart’s content.

Chalkboard moulding


Like the restaurant

Ah, the local bistro’s chalkboard with the handwritten menu... In a kitchen however, it becomes a convenient board for meal planning or inspirational messages to make your day! Children can also do their part with their artistic talents. The wall will add a warm and friendly atmosphere to any kitchen.

Chalkboard wall like at the restaurant


Message center for the front entrance

No more little notes left on the kitchen table: a board at the front entrance allows other household occupants never to miss important messages. And why not have a welcome message for guests?

A bedroom for future Picassos

A chalkboard wall in a child's room not only helps to stimulate their creativity, it also reinvents the decor in a very personal way each and every day. Don’t like black for the little one’s room? Chalkboard paint is now available in several colours.

Chalkboard wall in a child's room


A door that’s a “work of art”

Why not turn an ordinary door into a canvas? Chalkboard paint on a kitchen cabinet or pantry door is particularly useful for jotting down items that need to be picked up at the grocery store. 

Chalkboard paint on a door


A hidden list

Crossing off items from your to-do list is surprisingly ... liberating! Paint a chalkboard on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door ... a great big list to cross off and yet remain out of sight!

Chalkboard paint on a kitchen cabinet door
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