February 6, 2017

Eye-Catching White Bathrooms

If you think white is bland and tasteless, think again! Regardless of the style – classic, design, zen or vintage – a white bathroom exudes a feeling of cleanliness, elegance and serenity. Simply add a few details to bring your white bathroom to the next level.

An emphasis on white

This large bathroom, in a classic style, uses dark wood panelling and puts the emphasis on the bathtub. We particularly like the marble countertops and the large mirrors that help to reflect the light.

Eye-Catching White Bathrooms - 1

Simplicity and serenity

This contemporary bathroom has a calm, zen feeling. It is both stylish and sober, perfect for relaxing. The decorative items are charming yet subtle. The horizontal blinds allow you to let in as much light as you wish. The white towels and different vases are also a nice touch.

Eye-Catching White Bathrooms - 2

A wood and white duo

This is a perfect example of Scandinavian simplicity. The wood enhances the look of this bathroom and makes it a calming retreat. We like the large, elegant mirror which provides a modern touch. The beautiful floor is made of parquet in an aged wood style.

Eye-Catching White Bathrooms - 3

Blue: a perfect complement

The beautiful blue wall in this vintage bathroom makes it a calming and relaxing space, as it is reminiscent of the sea or the ocean. The different tiles combine well, and the decorative items tie it all together nicely.

Eye-Catching White Bathrooms - 4

Rustic white

This bathroom has a retro feel to it, and the white is highlighted through the different colour shades. In this particular bathroom, the shades of taupe and eggshell enhance the look. The Art Deco table is the exception. The little decorative touches and accessories are also interesting.

Eye-Catching White Bathrooms - 5

A luxurious bathroom

This elegant bathroom is fit for a queen. Carefully chosen furniture, shiny decorative items and the marble floor and walls give this room a regal touch. Note the different styles of the sink and bathtub – we think the combination works well.

Eye-Catching White Bathrooms - 6

Clinical white enhanced with black

A contemporary style for this white bathroom. Its refined look is enhanced by the stylish graphic touch of the tiled floor. The metro-style tiles on the wall give the room a clean, clinical look and add a layer of texture. We particularly like the contemporary metal chair. The angle of the mirror makes the room appear larger.

Eye-Catching White Bathrooms - 7

Red, for a look that’s sublime

This red wall in a white bathroom is trendy and daring. The pure, clean look showcases the room’s features. Here, the focus is really on the bathtub and its platform. The extra-large mirror makes this already large room seem even bigger. The cushions and green plant add a nice decorative touch.

Eye-Catching White Bathrooms - 8

A mix of black and white

Black is always a safe bet for creating a stylish and sophisticated bathroom. This contemporary and rather zen look is achieved with the addition of the stones and a closet that is almost embedded into the wall. We also like the use of phototherapy, used here in blue; a good idea for relaxing.

Eye-Catching White Bathrooms - 9

Contemporary marble

There’s nothing like marble when it comes to creating a look of luxury! This bathroom has clean lines and a classic-modern style. They chose a shade of grey to add to the elegance and let the light filter through the room. The room’s brightness is also enhanced by the large mirror, as well as the closet with its glass door.

Eye-Catching White Bathrooms - 10


To create a relaxing bathroom for your home, don’t be afraid to use white. Add some original finishing touches to reflect the look you want to achieve.

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