February 27, 2017

For a Chic and Sober Look, Dare to Use Black!

For a chic and contemporary style, black has its place in every room of the house. Here are some pictures to prove it!

A feeling of spaciousness

In this large, sleek entryway, black is used to create a stylish and clean look where a feeling of spaciousness rules. Finishing touches in black also add elegance to the space. We particularly love the interesting doorway and geometric effect of the staircase.

Tip: Framing a door or window in black accentuates and balances the room’s structure.

For a Chic and Sober Look, Dare to Use Black! - 1

Loft style

An industrial style for this sizeable living room. In a room like this, black can be used without hesitation. Balance it with shades of grey and white. The designer played with the finishes: matte for the wall and glossy for the window. No overcrowded and cluttered look for this room… just the basics: a large couch, low coffee table and designer lamp. The oversized picture on the wall adds a special touch.

Tip: The current trend is to match black with more metallic tones such as grey, gold or silver.

For a Chic and Sober Look, Dare to Use Black! - 2

Sober and timeless

Black is chic and trendy. In this dining room, the combination of black and white provides a look of timeless elegance. A partially coloured wall, such as a blackboard, is a good option. The room is consolidated with mixed furniture and a few objects. Notice how perfect the baroque chandelier is in this contemporary decor.

Tip: Feel free to introduce a third colour to accentuate your decor.

For a Chic and Sober Look, Dare to Use Black! - 3

Marriage of black and wood

A warm combination of wood and black is perfect for this large modern apartment. Here, the light tone enhances the black furniture and gives the room sparkle. We love the trendiness of the geometric patterns on the cushions and carpet. The matte wood floor reflects the room’s natural light. The violet easy chair is the perfect complement.

Tip: To highlight the black, choose soft lighting to enhance the tone.

For a Chic and Sober Look, Dare to Use Black! - 4

Use colour to enhance

Black and white kitchens are very trendy! Here, the contemporary style of the cabinetry and appliances energizes the room. Red is used to accentuate the dark colours. The counter is the perfect place for a meal on the go.

Tip: Black furniture creates a visual identity and continuity between the furniture and decor.

For a Chic and Sober Look, Dare to Use Black! - 5

Black & white showcase

We love the beautiful and unique elegance of this room. Black wall paneling adds depth to the dining room and showcases its decorative items. The wall’s matte finish contrasts with the brilliance of the lacquered table. The transparent vases lend an airy look to the room.

Tip: There are different shades of black: jet, ebony or anthracite and come in a matte or gloss finish.

For a Chic and Sober Look, Dare to Use Black! - 6

Refined design

This apartment features a black and white bedroom with no other colour accents. The play of textures and materials such as leather, wood and cloth lends it a refined look. The zebra print on the wall juxtaposes with the clean lines to add life to the room. The adjustable blinds regulate light intensity.

Tip: Black goes perfectly with raw or natural materials such as wood, concrete, lacquer or slate.

For a Chic and Sober Look, Dare to Use Black! - 7

Scandinavian style revisited

In a boy's room, blue is replaced by black and white. Dark finishing touches are used here and there to accessorize this pristine set of furniture. The geometric shape of the accessories add interest to the room, and bright yellow accents give it an added splash of colour.

Tip: Black can easily be used in any room and in all interior styles. Let yourself be seduced!

For a Chic and Sober Look, Dare to Use Black! - 8

Winning black & white duo

A masculine and resolutely contemporary style for this black and white bathroom. A refined design with fresh and stylish clean lines. The tiled floor energizes the room. Various accessories are placed on the shelf for an airy look. A little plus: the green plant adds a touch of colour.

Tip: It takes just a few black elements to enhance your bathroom and give it an air of mystery, extravagance and excitement.

For a Chic and Sober Look, Dare to Use Black! - 9


For a chic and trendy look, black can be used in any room of the house.


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