March 10, 2022

How to create a cozy reading nook at home

What do you imagine when you think of relaxing? Sitting comfortably with a blanket on your legs, a hot drink in one hand and a good book in the other? Find out how to set up a cozy reading nook at home so you can appreciate your downtime even more.

A cozy reading nook

To be comfortable and really enjoy your “me” time, a reading nook must be designed for comfort. What does that mean? It means a quiet and cozy place, with cushions and a throw to make it even cozier, and a table to set your drink on. And don’t forget about lighting to ensure your new favourite spot fulfills its true purpose.

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A bedroom reading nook

A bedroom reading nook gives you a comfy place to read other than on your bed. This area can fit with the rest of your bedroom decor, or it can have its own style altogether. Here’s a crazy idea: space permitting, why not opt for a soft, cozy couch? That way, you can take a nap when you’re finished reading.

And no reading nook would be complete without a big, squishy blanket like this one: 

Reading nook with big blanket

A lounge chair to stretch out on, plenty of cushions and a table. It’s simple, beautiful and perfect for gripping spy novels. 

Lounge chair with cushions

What about setting up a bench beside a window? You’ll be able to watch the world go by, with a good book in hand and the sun on your face. What more could you ask for? How about wood panelling on the ceiling and walls? 

Bench beside a window

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A reading nook in the great outdoors

Whether in the sun or shade, reading outside is bliss. Several options can work: a swinging chair, a hammock or a deck chair. Even simpler: spread a large blanket on the grass and add a few cushions.

Large blanket outside

If you’re the type that enjoys building things from scratch, you can design something truly unique.

Unique building outside

A reading nook for the little ones

Whether you want to create something bright or calming, designing a reading nook for kids is a delightful task.

To create a warm and cozy corner for your child, all you need are shelves, some big cushions and a few decorative items. It’s fun and cozy! And it’ll make choosing a bedtime story all the more special for them. 

Reading nook for the little ones

Do you have plenty of space on your property? Grab your tools and build a reading nook for you and your child. Picture it: you and your child, surrounded by string lights, snuggling up to read a book on dinosaurs as the sun sets on a beautiful summer’s day. Now that’s happiness!

Reading nook outside for children

What’s your ideal spot to relax with a good book?

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