May 20, 2021

How to make your rooms brighter

Some people like the darkness, but most prefer light and brightness. Not all homes have large, bright rooms with multiple windows. But all is not lost. Here are a few tips to add brightness to your home without renovating.


Grandma Alice’s furniture may be beautiful, but it’s bulky and dark. It might be time to rethink and opt for smaller, lighter pieces. And don’t forget about layout! It’s a great way to brighten up a room. Dark furniture placed under or next to a window will obscure natural light.

You could also dive into a DIY project. If you want to strip Grandma’s furniture, a light-coloured stain or paint is best. Like with flooring, light wood will reflect the light instead of absorbing it.

Flooring that makes sense

Speaking of flooring, did you know that wooden floorboards have a proper direction? To reflect as much light as possible, floorboards must be installed in the direction of the natural light that comes in through the window. Again, light-coloured wood is best.

Less is more

A cluttered room creates a heavy atmosphere and reduces brightness. The key here is minimalism: less stuff means more light. Declutter your space! Less dusting, more light.

Colour, please!

Want to know how can you brighten up a dark room in no time and at low cost? Paint your ceiling white—it’s a colour (or rather, the sum of all colours!) that reflects natural light. For walls, we tend to forget about light colours like pastels, which are making a big comeback in decor. Opt for light-coloured walls and have fun!

Accessories and decor

Installing a mirror in a room helps reflect the light. Not to mention the room will feel bigger. For decorative accessories, go for metal or glass objects. They’ll reflect natural light while giving your room a beautiful look. Mirror mirror on the wall, which is the brightest of them all?


Brightness means light fixtures. Depending on the room and the natural light, opt for LED bulbs. You’ll find a wide range of warm and cool lighting possibilities depending on how you use the room. The idea is to make sure there are no dark corners.

Window coverings

Heavy window coverings will undermine your goal of brightening up the room. Windows should be lightly covered to maximize natural light. Forget the black velvet curtains—choose white ones instead.

Have a north-facing window? No problem. Install light reflectors in front of the window. This little gadget will light up your life and the room.

You don’t have to invest in expensive renovations or add windows to brighten up your home. It just takes a little elbow grease to paint a room, and a touch of creativity to accessorize it.

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