October 30, 2017

In November, Take Action on Radon!

In Canada, November has been declared radon action month. Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that you can’t see, smell or taste. It comes from the breakdown of uranium in soil, rock and water.
In November, Take Action on Radon!


When this gas is released from the ground outside, it is not of concern. However, if a building has been built on soil that is rocky or contains uranium, radon can infiltrate through various openings (cracks in the walls, foundations, floors, etc.) and accumulate, thus becoming a health risk.

The only known risk associated with radon exposure is an increased risk of contracting lung cancer. In Canada, 16% of lung cancers are attributable to radon exposure.

Radon is present in all buildings. The only way to know its concentration in your home is to measure it. Radon detectors are easy to use and inexpensive. You can buy one by calling 613-946-6384 or on the web at radon@hc-sc.gc.ca. The test can also be bought at some hardware stores.

Alternatively, you can use a radon measurement service provider certified by Health Canada. A list of certified professionals in Canada is available at the Canadian – National Radon Proficiency Program.

The month of November was not chosen randomly: Health Canada recommends a test period of at least three months, ideally in winter, in order to measure more representative radon levels.

Source: Health Canada.


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