December 29, 2016

Is Your Home Safe for Your Children?

Can you say for certain that your home is safe? Here are some basic rules that can make all the difference.

When the cat’s away, the mice get hurt

Regardless of the room in your house, you should never leave toddlers alone. Also, do we need to remind you that young children should never be left in a bathtub unattended? The answer, unfortunately, is yes, as many people don’t realize that it takes only a few centimeters of water and a few seconds of inattention for a fatal accident to occur.

Where should the play area be set up?

It’s best to have a specific place for toys to prevent them from ending up too close to a staircase, a window, a balcony or a swimming pool, for example.

Is Your Home Safe for Your Children?

Electrical sockets

There are many socket protectors available on the market; if you’re visiting grandparents or friends who don’t have children, why not bring some with you? Buy a second set and leave them in your diaper bag for situations like this.

Careful in the kitchen!

If you’re alone with a young child and need to cook a meal, it’s best to leave your child in their crib or playpen, rather than cooking with your child in your arms.

Keep toxic products out of reach

Be sure to store your cleaning products and other potentially dangerous products on high shelves or in cabinets that are lockable or out of reach.

Other tips

TVs are increasingly lightweight and easy to move. Anchoring systems help secure the TV to the wall; otherwise use an alternate solution, such as industrial-strength Velcro, so that your TV does not accidentally fall on your child. In addition, add corner guards on your furniture (there are many cute and practical options on the market) as well as mechanisms that prevent doors from closing on little fingers.

By following these safety tips, your children can enjoy their home… safely!

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