May 26, 2016

Keep a Cool Head When Buying a Pool

Keep a Cool Head When Buying a Pool


Hot summers are driving up sales of swimming pools. Keeping a cool head will help you make a smart choice when it comes to the purchase and installation of your pool. For maximum savings, remember that pool specialists are very busy in the spring and early summer. It’s easier to negotiate and choose a convenient time for installation if you wait until a bit later in the season.

Whether you choose an above-ground, in-ground, semi-in-ground or natural pool, it must, first and foremost, meet your usage needs regardless of its possible value when you sell your home. A pool is a good investment if you use it regularly and if it meets your family’s needs, whether it be for relaxing, playing or training.

Many buyers, for various reasons, do not want to have a pool on their property while others, although they would appreciate having a pool, may not be willing to pay for one. If you decide to take the plunge, you must do so primarily for you and your family.


Installing a pool must meet both aesthetic and practical criteria such as the location of the equipment associated with the pool’s operation, the sunshine that your yard receives, as well as local regulations. These are designed to ensure safety and security, primarily by controlling access to the pool with a fence. It is essential that you obtain a permit from your municipality.
Your insurance company must also be notified, and it’s best to verify with them before the purchase and installation if there are specific requirements such as the distance between the pool and the house or between the pool and the house next door, for example. This could have an influence on the type or size of pool you choose and the cost of your insurance premium.

Around the pool

Finally, if the area around the pool is nicely landscaped, functional and safe, this will add to the overall experience, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. Don’t forget to plan this aspect of your project and to add it to your total budget.

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