January 11, 2023

Keeping your home free of mice in winter

One night, you find yourself face to face with a delightful little mouse. Myth or reality? Particularly in winter, mice may indeed set up house in your home, potentially damaging your property. If you find yourself playing host to these charming but unwanted guests, read on for our tips on keeping your home mouse-free this winter.

Why mice come inside the house

If you hear scratching in the walls or come across little rice-shaped droppings, it’s likely that there are mice living in your house. Mice come into the house for two main reasons:

1. Food

In harsh winter weather, mice have trouble getting enough food and water.

2. Warmth

Mice, like any warm-blooded mammals, seek shelter from the cold.

Just as mice can enter your home, so too can squirrels and other rodents seeking shelter and warmth in the winter. 

Preventing a mice problem in your home

There are several ways to keep mice out of your home. Before winter comes, try the following:

  • Seal any gaps or holes

Mice can find a way in through the tiniest opening. Walk around your home and check the roof, doorframes and windowsills, vents, etc.

  • Clean your home and clear out the clutter

Mice love to hide among clutter!

  • Store food securely and take out the trash

To avoid sharing living quarters with mice, it’s a great idea to store food in sealed containers, and place garbage where mice can’t reach it. Keep kitchen counters clean and sweep the floor regularly. Note: mice will be attracted to pet food, too, so be sure to seal it up.

  • Maintain your home’s exterior 

Exterior maintenance for your house is just as important as keeping it spic and span inside. Cut branches and trim back shrubs that are close to the house.

  • Check your firewood

If you frequently bring firewood inside, make sure there are no unwanted guests hiding among the logs.

Rodents and insects make unpleasant roommates. Learn about how to deal with ants, millipedes and other insects.

Now you know what to do about mice! 

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